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Kirby's Dream Course Editor

Level Editors


Kirby’s Dream Course Editor (yes, still untitled) is a level editor for Kirby’s Dream Course and its Japanese counterpart, Kirby Bowl. The editor supports full editing of all of the game’s courses, including demo courses and unused test courses which are only present in the Japanese version. In addition, background and music selections can be changed in order to fully customize courses. Individual courses can be saved to standalone files for easy distribution, and sample levels are included to demonstrate some of the editor’s capabilities.

The editor supports US, European, and Japanese ROMs, both with or without copier headers. Special Tee Shot support is currently planned for future versions, but is not yet implemented due to numerous differences between the two games in how level and graphics data are organized.

Source code is available on GitHub, can be built on OS X and Linux (with Qt 5), and is distributed under the MIT license.


User Review Information


Reviewed By: inthenameofDT on 16 Sep 2013

First and foremost, I have been hoping for one of these for YEARS. I’ve been dinking around with this editor for the past few hours, and it’s extremely easy to use, and the Preview window allows you to immediately see the changes you make.

A couple of key positives about this:

1) It’s extremely easy to use. Lunar Magic has me almost completely stumped, but this was definitely made with simplicity in mind.

2) The preview window is EXCELLENT. Actually testing out your designs is most fun, of course, but allowing you to see the changes you make in the editor as you make them makes the process much less stressful than some other editors.

To my knowledge, this is the first Dream Course editor to date, at least the first one here. Once I saw it had been posted here, my first concern was whether or not it was a beta of any sort. And even if it is, I can’t think of anything major that would need to be changed in terms of operation. It does exactly what it’s supposed to, and is an absolute blast to play around with.


Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Nice!CatnipPhilosophy16 Mar 20161.13bYes
Excellent!inthenameofDT16 Sep 2013N/AYes