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Zelda3 Goddess of Wisdom

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


This hack was originally called –Zelda Shards of Might–. It was made by Omega and SePH, But unfortunately it was bugged. Zelda didn’t appear in the guardhouse. This could be fixed, but the forest dungeon was heavily bugged. The game was unsolvable.

Luckily Francais from France removed those major bugs. He called the hack –Zelda Link to the future Chapter 3–. But the game was still bugged. You get Zelda at the beginning, but when you talk to your uncle, she disappeared. Some entrances were switched, which would result in false game play and all jumps diagonally-down would crash the game.

You can’t rescue Zelda since there is no staircase that leads to the priest, so the rain never stops and the palace guards didn’t disappear. The game was again unsolvable.

Removed all mentioned bugs and have made new gameplay. Two dungeons were extended. There were also crash bugs inside the dungeons. All this was fixed.

Sometimes, the logic of the dungeon was false (some key doors were optional or there would be a key behind the key door). Plus, you really don’t know if you should search for pendants or crystals. All this was fixed.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Legend of Zelda, The - A link to the past [E] [!]
  • CRC32: 04D55E12
  • MD5: ECFB3BD489A15CDDA12066100BDE0378
  • SHA-1: 7C073A222569B9B8E8CA5FCB5DFEC3B5E31DA895
  • SHA-256: 654183585E88ABF965B19570C194F3D69EF209A7F2D32F71881ECEAEA6A3487E




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
PuzzleDudeHackingSupervisor, dungeon design, gameplay, debugging, beta testing
SePHOriginal HackingOverworld design, GFX editing
Dude ManOriginal HackingInitial dungeon design (when the project was still Shards of Might)
OmegaOriginal HackingInitial supervisor (when the project was still Shards of Might)
FrancaisHacking2 new overworld areas for the cost of new bugs (project name was ALTTF ep3)

User Review Information

Excellent, but with a few hiccups

Reviewed By: eskimo44 on 26 Aug 2013

General Impression - 8/10

This is an excellent hack. It’s certainly not the best I’ve played as far as hacks go but it’s in the upper echelon, and a Zelda game has to be one of the toughest games out there to hack as it’s not straightforward like a Mario game. This was fun, difficult but not mind numbingly so. Only one part was too difficult to be completed without savestates IMO, and that’s a nice sight out of a rom hack. If you’re a Zelda junkie and you’ve mastered ALTTP then this is a solid choice. You do not need to be a Zelda god, but I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who can’t easily beat ALTTP. My rating is a reflection of how I would slot this in as a Super Nintendo title. ALTTP is a 10, this game is a solid 8. Other games on the SNES I consider to be 8’s are Mega Man 7, Battletoads & Double Dragon, and Kirby 3. So basically it’s not a premier title for the SNES, but a very good one. This game is not perfect and it does not reach the standard of ALTTP (how could it?) but on it’s own merits I’d say it has to be considered a rather quality title to pick up and play. As a side note I enjoyed and beat this game on the SNES9x emulator for the Wii. Despite the warning in the readme, it like all my hacks, seem to run every bit as well on the Wii as on the computer. I did experience some slowdown in heavily populated area’s but so did the fellow on Youtube using his computer.

For a more detailed review keep reading below:

Dungeons (including mini dungeons) - 7/10 (could be an 8 with one major change, see criticisms section)

Here is where I probably have the most issues with this hack, but in saying that I’d also imagine they are the toughest things in the game to design and ironically may also be the most praiseworthy aspect of the hack. For the most part they were all fun and well designed. The difficulty curve seemed appropriate, with one exception (Master Sword dungeon). There are no map+compass in this game and this wouldn’t be an issue, and usually wasn’t, save for a few times I got lost in a temple looking for one door because the game expected a little too much random backtracking IMO (A map would probably fix this issue). One time later in the game I could tell the floor levels didn’t seem to match up (a reason for no map?), but that’s a minor gripe. The positive is the game had some fairly unique idea’s that usually weren’t too out there to figure out. The enemy placement was usually fair, save for the odd enemy that would spawn right outside the door. Tedious/time consuming rooms were typically made so you wouldn’t have to traverse them multiple times, and I rarely got stuck or felt like the victim of a cheap death due entirely to poor layout (there were a couple exceptions, see criticism’s section).

Bosses 8/10

It’s tough to do too much with these fights I’m sure. They probably aren’t all that easy to hack. They are pretty much the same as ALTTP but with some minor modifications to increase difficulty. Some can be annoying to figure out, like hurting the eyeball/cloud boss from the original water temple with the spin attack, but for the most part they were well done. The authors did a decent job making them more difficult without them getting too silly. Mostly the bosses were the same but with some spikes on the floor. Not a bad way to make it tougher, but kind of meh too. Nothing special but nothing broken either, but like I said something special may not really be all that feasible, so I was happy with this part of the hack.

Overworld 7.5/10

Only minor things set this back. The map in some places lacks the connectivity that the original game had once you got all the upgrades, some places just felt too segregated from the rest of the map IMO. Usually they all begin to connect as other upgrades are acquired. Sometimes there’s some seemingly pointless stuff strewn about. It seems like a stupid complaint, and it kind of is, but that tree in Kakariko town beside the pond is the worst, it closes off the one section and was just a general pain in the ass making me go around. There were a few other examples of this where the game’s areas were overly boxed in IMO. Also what’s up with the area blocked by the small dark stone. As far as I could tell, you can’t get the best gauntlets so this and other areas like it are just giant teases the whole time. lol. There’s very little dark world implementation, and it doesn’t hurt the hack but it does make me feel like there’s a whole lot more potential in the overworld for exploration. More that could have been. It serves it’s purpose well though and it’s a job well done for the most part.

Side Quests 6/10

Some of the heart pieces are laughably easy early on, but some are really well hidden. All the side quests for items seemed rather obvious to find with just a bit of exploring, and I never found myself stuck looking for something to do next so I could continue the game. My biggest issue is that there’s a lot less to do here than in the original game. The silent chest opening guy is in the game but I never figured out what he did. There’s no great fairy upgrades. There is no sword temper quest as far as I could tell. Some of the bottles are not hidden in the most imaginative ways (as a kid that bottle under the bridge blew my mind, nothing in this hack is like that). There was a lot less caves to find, but instead the caverns were often very memorable or large and home to some really quality puzzles. So I’d say they are well done the quests, even if they’ve been significantly paired down from ALTTP.

Item Utilization 7.5/10

The authors of this hack came up with some creative ways to use items even if they didn’t always use every item to it’s full capabilities in the dungeons, for example the Red Cane had a fairly different and extensive use in this hack despite not being used to summon a platform. The cape filled an important role early on and I thought that was cool. The mirror was just an exit item and you get it at the very end. A few times you will have to use items in unexpected ways, and there’s a good chance you will experience some frustration from this in the game, but only once or twice after figuring out what to do did I feel that my frustration should have been with more than myself. For the most part this is a major positive for this hack. The puzzles in the game are interesting and allows many items to be utilized in an effective manner. From what I can tell, the game is missing some key items: Armor upgrades, best gauntlets, Best shield, shovel (I’ve always wished I could keep it). A well done aspect of the hack.

Difficulty Curve 8.5/10

The beginning is a little bit of a pain in the ass with the limited health. Thankfully the game doesn’t have ridiculously strong enemies early on like the Parallel games. It also gets progressively harder and in both combat and puzzles. The overworld is never an overly strenuous task to traverse. The only blemish, and honestly it’s a pretty big one, is the final part of the master sword dungeon (which I will expand upon later).

Graphics - 8/10

A very nice looking hack, it has a custom title menu, Link has his own style, Hyrule’s foliage got a makeover, and a couple other little things here and there. Not a lot separates it from the original but enough is different that it retains it’s own style, and considering how good the original looks I’d argue this is a great approach. Personally, I think this isn’t a terribly important category but it does stand out enough for me to give it a solid score. To get more they’d have to go above and beyond, and honestly that seems like a waste of time. The graphics did get a little glitchy when I fell down a hole in the dungeon with the red cane, but it was fixed by me leaving the dungeon and coming back. A guy doing a playthrough on Youtube had the same thing happen,, so it didn’t seem like an isolated incident. This only happened once, and was so minor I could have finished the temple with the problem had I chose too. So no biggie.

Story/Dialogue - 7.5/10

Clearly the story is not the main focus of this hack, and neither are the NPCs. However despite the story being very light in content it manages to serve it’s purpose very well. It also doesn’t suffer from bad spelling/grammar, a trait often found in rom hacks. On a positive note some of the dialogue from the maidens has it’s moments and can be fairly enlightening as what to do next.

Standout Criticisms

I really enjoyed this game and felt that after enjoying all the time the authors put into it I ought to contribute and show thanks by giving them some feedback. The review above is more for those interested in trying the game, however there are still a few minor level design issues I would like to point out more for the authors, although prospective players may still want to read this. Here are my biggest gripes with this hack:

1. Getting the master sword, after getting the four keys and going to the main area, you are tasked with doing a near impossible room. You need to use the wall bounce and hook shot to traverse the room ( ), however, the limited space and two shooting mouths make it damn near impossible. I very highly doubt anybody can accomplish that room without save states. It is good design that once you complete it you won’t have to deal with it again, and thankfully this type of puzzle isn’t common later on. It could be a really great room but something needs to change. Either remove a laser, split it into two (so there’s a checkpoint), make the platforms bigger, or shorten it. Because I tell you that one room almost breaks a great game. With exception to this one room I’d argue this game was very doable without save states, very hard at moments yes, but doable. A truly great rom hack shouldn’t need save states, this is too close to that standard to have a room like that IMO. This is a good enough hack that it ought to be accessible to everyone. Even if someone were to use Puzzledude’s new difficulty hack it would still be a terribly unfair room.

2. [SPOILER] The first room where you need to use the medallion then ice rod to throw the enemy at the switch ( ). Very difficult to think of on your own IMO, a hint tile would be a great addition (like the one telling you to find the real block switch on Death Mountain) or perhaps a hint maybe even earlier in the game from a NPC. It was frustrating trying to think of that as a solution, I was stuck for a long time. A potentially great puzzle but not cut and dry enough to be fair or fun IMO. Who would think to first transform the enemy (medallions aren’t all that useful for the most part IMO), and then freeze him because you can throw him further than a bomb. Not many. Two obscure items being utilized for obscure uses, I’d argue a hint (not a giveaway) is necessary. [Spoiler Over]

3. Length of statue puzzle’s. I’m torn because some of these had really terrific ideas, and felt rewarding when accomplished. Execution was just sometimes painstakingly long to accomplish. This one ( ) was really tedious, constantly having to light the torches and falling off the edge made it pretty rude. I’d argue it felt maybe a touch more tedious than fun. Having a barrier from the edge in some key places would really be a nice addition IMO. The puzzle would still have the same challenge but with a little less frustration. The very next room was more of the same but a better room IMO, still perhaps a little too tedious as well. Also having to fall off just to get out of the room seemed wrong to me ( ). It was good design that they were laid out in a way that you didn’t have to do the puzzle’s again once they were completed. The ice palace statue puzzle was really fun, execution was still slow (fast forward was my friend) but it felt more challenging than frustrating and was clearly superior to the other two examples. I think it’s because there was no edge to piss me off. So all in all I’m torn on these rooms because they were rewarding and challenging, but were perhaps just too tedious at times. Save states aren’t a must for this section, but very heavily recommended due to the time involved.

Thanks for the great hack. I hope you appreciate the feedback, and even more I hope it encourages you guys to continue the great work on other rom hack projects (ALTTP in particular). Since you guys clearly worked so hard on creating a quality hack, I figured it was only fair for me to try and offer a concise and quality review in return for a job well done. Thanks again.

Recommended - Yes

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