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The Legend of Zelda: Shadow of Night

Hack of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link


A completely new Zelda II adventure!

Long ago, a curse was cast upon the land of Hyrule. This darkness gave rise to the minions of Ganon, allowing them to overrun Forests, Towns, and Meadows.

Deep within the forest lives our young hero, Link. Guide Link across the vast Kingdom of Hyrule, and defeat the ominous shadow!

What’s New?

  • World Maps!
  • Dungeons!
  • GFX!
  • Music!
  • New Spell!
  • Experience Curve!
  • More areas to explore!
  • More treasure!
  • More Zelda!

Easy Version:

  • Enemies deal 1x damage.
  • Start with 6 lives.
  • Link’s sword is stronger.
  • Life spell costs 50% less magic at all levels.
  • Beginning town has a magic refill lady.

Hard Version:

  • Enemies deal 2x damage.
  • Start with 4 lives.
  • Link’s sword is weaker.
  • Life spell costs 50% less magic at level 8.

While the majority of the hack was done by me, there are new surprises to find thanks to the efforts of others. Trax helped out a lot with programming and created a new spell! He also helped with improving enemies to make them more fierce! Beware of the bots. :P Enjoy the new Overworld Music thanks to optomon. He composed it perfectly and it really enhances the Zelda feel!

To everyone that helped, THANK YOU! Trax, JaSp, HylianFox, ocw, Dwedit, Ice Ranger, Jigglysaint, Googie, optomon.

This is the biggest Zelda II hack, yet! Enjoy! :D

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (U) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: E3C788B0
  • MD5: 764D36FA8A2450834DA5E8194281035A
  • SHA-1: 353489A57F24A429572E76BD455BC51D821F7036
  • SHA-256: AD8C0FBCF092BF84B48E69FD3964EEA4ED91BFE62ABC352943D537979782680C




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
JaSpGraphicsOverworld animation
TraxHackingDash spell & enemy routines
OptomonMusicComposed the new music for the Overworld

User Review Information

Difficult but a lot of fun

Reviewed By: njosro on 11 Aug 2013

This is the best Zelda II hack I have ever experienced. It really felt like a new adventure with the changed graphics, overworld music, layout, etc. but it kept true to the original game with the secrets, magic spells, and the DIFFICULTY.

The graphical enhancements are awesome. The colour tones really set the mood for this dark version of Hyrule. The original Hyrule looks like a sweet little fairy tale compared to this! I also liked the animation of the water, grass, and other overworld tiles. It made the overworld feel more real instead of being a static board.

The ‘new’ music for the overworld was a really nice touch. It made me feel the darkness if that makes sense. The original music would have been too happy, so this is a welcome change.

Both the death mountain area of west hyrule and “dark world” of east hyrule were exactly the kind of challenges I had been longing for in Zelda II. I always felt like the original game could have delivered more in terms of tricks with the connection between the overworld and sideview screens, and this hack fed my hungry appetite. “Don’t go in this cave or you’ll be sent backwards… Remember that path for next time… Ohh there’s the key!”… I loved it.

There were some negatives though…

  • The enemies do not give enough EXP. Either lower the point requirements to level up or increase the EXP yield. I hex edited and lowered the requirements after I beat most of the game so I don’t have to suffer next time.
  • The search for the golden goryia was not rewarding. I was peeved. So I hex edited and raised my attack level manually :P I also placed a heart container there for my next play through so that I’ll do the search.
  • Similar searches to remote locations were stupid when you only awarded a P-bag. Swap the position of P-bags and heart containers for some of those spots.
  • Too many town people said useless things. For my own satisfaction next time I decide to play this hack (in a month or 2 maybe) I edited their text to make it more relevant.
  • The great palace was ridiculous. I consider myself a pretty good player, but when I found myself on a never-ending journey through that place, of dying and retrying, I started using savestates.

If you make an official version 2 to fix these annoyances I’d definitely play it again!

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Great potential but too much back trackingreMACKARio25 Nov 20202.5No
Hard Version is TediousOVKASE13 Aug 20192.5No
doesnt get much better then thisDark link03 Apr 20192.5Yes
Very Challenging But Good & Funultimaweapon10 Apr 20182.5Yes
Missing Key For Reflect MagicGotham28 Sep 20172.5No
Shadow of TormentMAOT66627 Dec 20152.5Yes
The Pinnacle of Zelda II HackingDrag0nwind27 Mar 20152.5Yes
Hard but rewardingGTM60428 Dec 2013N/AYes
Difficult but a lot of funnjosro11 Aug 2013N/AYes
Warrants a Few changes immediatelyKenjiMinato02 Apr 2013N/ANo
Ball Busting Difficultytrapworth20 Jul 2012N/ANo
Lovely hacking skills, insane difficultyChris Miller15 Sep 2011N/ANo