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Pokemon Expert Emerald

Hack of Pokémon: Emerald Version


This is a Difficulty MOD and a 386 Fusion created by Suicune. It offers a wide range of new fun features expanding on the original Emerald game play. You are able to capture and register all 386 Pokémon available to the game through various different methods such as evolution, events and normal catching procedures. It has proven popular among many players as it has had over 50 pages of replies and approximately 33,000+ downloads over a span of two years. All further details can be found at the link below.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Name: Pokémon Emerald (U)
  • Country: USA




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User Review Information

Flawed, but still fun.

Reviewed By: Chronosplit on 31 Jul 2013

Beta 1.3

A nice little “386″ with ideas that seem to be quite removed from the rest of the bunch. If you play this without documents (you want to read at least about the moves and Pokemon stat/type changes, there are a metric ton of them) you’ll be thrown for a loop, and this is a good thing. Also there are very few Emerald editions of this sort of thing so it’s nice to see a new one. I still had fun however, and post-game being switched around is actually very refreshing so the Frontier is fun again.

There are three main flaws with this however:

1. Advance Map cut into the wrong data again. Instead of starting over, hacker moved on and with every update the corruption gets worse.

2. The odd ideas result in balance issues every now and then (which is saying something in a 386, as it’s extremely easy to be OP with just what they give you in vanilla Pokemon and some patience). Just a couple examples being birds like Swellow and Dodrio suddenly tower above all other Normal and/or Flying types (perhaps even legends in Dodrio’s case) in offense alone due to stat/ability changes, and certain type changes making Pokemon instantly unusable because they’re totally outclassed by completely different ones such as the Surskit line now dwarfed by the Magikarp line.

3. Some trainers’ move-sets don’t have very much thought put into them, and therefore make them easy to beat. I don’t know if it’s still there or not (because this hack seems to be continuously updated even if the version numbers don’t show it and it says complete), but there were weird choices such as “Dual Screens” on Pokemon that would be far more threatening without later in the game, and shot down before they can set them up. This makes the actual challenge rather mixed every now and then.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Flawed, but still fun.Chronosplit31 Jul 2013N/AYes