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Agentgeo's Pointer Calculator



Here is a tool for you all. The Pointer Calculator, a nifty little multi-game tool that calculates pointers. Currently it is written in C# (.NET), but I am working on re-writing it in Pascal/Lazarus or Java. Features

Calculate pointers for:






May vary on certain SNES games at the moment. Hope to have fixed soon


User Review Information

Excellent for NES pointers

Reviewed By: Pikachumanson on 24 Jun 2013

Fast and easy to use! All you gotta do is put in the offset and viola! You’ve got yourself a pointer! I have used this find NES pointers to great effect. Mind you this tool is used for finding “standard” pointers. For evil pointers, you are on your own. But, give this tool a try!

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Excellent for NES pointersPikachumanson24 Jun 2013N/AYes