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Hack of Super Mario World


This hack is worth playing simply due to its originality! Be warned however that some may find its content offensive. If you are not easily offended, it is hilarious with its use of violent imagery, such as the numerous squirming, bleeding Toads impaled on stakes in a graveyard as shown in the screenshots, not to mention that Morton’s Jail has to be the single most disturbing level ever created for a Mario game! There are also many drug references, a hidden evil Kirby world, and if you can find it, an Adults Only Palace of Hentai. This hack is very fun and is about the same level of difficulty as the original. It features awesome graphics rips, music and overall feel from Super Mario Bros 3, custom blocks, overworld and sprites. Even the credits have something interesting and unexpected in them! So, if you don’t have a problem with some morbid humor and twisted creativity, this is the game for you. Enjoy.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario World (U) [!].smc - GOODSNES 2.04
  • CRC32: B19ED489
  • MD5: CDD3C8C37322978CA8669B34BC89C804
  • SHA-1: 6B47BB75D16514B6A476AA0C73A683A2A4C18765
  • SHA-256: 0838E531FE22C077528FEBE14CB3FF7C492F1F5FA8DE354192BDFF7137C27F5B




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Totaly new game in Super Mario World style! 3

Reviewed By: ADS-Andi on 25 Jan 2013

This is a realy nice adult Super Mario World hack. To be honest the backgrounds and structures were often copied from other games (e.g. Super Metroid, Castlevania and most important Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island and many more), but it’s realy well done. They fit in perfectly and create a new gloomy, freaky and sometimes funny Super Mario World feeling.

The game itself feels is a bit shorter than, the original one (PITMK: 7 Worlds + Bowser Fight), but it plays with so much more fun. It’s a good challange sometimes and I can only beat it with the save and load tool of my emulator, so far ;) .

All levels are completely new levels! At the beginning the level disign has a low difficulty, but later it’s medium to hard. E. g. the last stage has no midentrance and as this wouldn’t be enoung the game even tells you exactly that and that you should use the save feature of you emulator…

There are just mushrooms and the fireflowers. No Racoon! No Yoshi! I like it. It’s oldshool, but you have the space on the middle of the top, where your further item is stored, if you touch a new power-up.

Some people say it’s violent. Yes it is, but it’s just 16 bit, so who realy care anymore? ;)

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Totaly new game in Super Mario World style! 3ADS-Andi25 Jan 2013N/AYes
Fun and Not Too ChallengingKlaviaturist17 May 2012N/AYes
Interestingly Funocarinayoshi26 Sep 2011N/AYes