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Cheetahmen II - Bugfixed version 2.1

Hack of Cheetahmen II


This game is infamous because it’s one of the worst games ever made. It’s full of all sorts of glitches and it’s extremely hard because of it’s glitched gameplay. The game couldn’t even be finished. However, it’s a very rare collector’s item and can be found for more than $1,000.

ApeMan, the boss at the fourth level, disappears if he leaves the screen, and if you beat him, it also disappears, so you get stuck at that level and it’s impossible to go through the last two levels unless you experience a very rare glitch when turning on the game. Level two boss can disappear in some circumstances. There’s a hacked version of the ROM that offers only the last two levels, but it’s also very buggy. The final boss disappears too and it’s impossible to finish the game.

Now, all of that is fixed and the game can be completed with no problems. No more enemies disappearing, all levels load correctly, and no annoying level number glitch (levels 4, 5 and 6 were called level 3).

I made some palette and graphic modifications, to fix some elements that looked ugly. Also, I fixed some spelling errors in the intro.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Cheetahmen II (USA) (Unl).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: EBB9078B
  • MD5: 37FB98117530EAD4D4BDC211C1E57BD8
  • SHA-1: 9D265C53ADE2B9E9ADA3CF7A77D568901C7915CA
  • SHA-256: D59F9507F41AC3DF96D883125F2E691CF51A99835F3355CDC2563AFE72D4BEE4




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Access to Level 5 & 6!

Reviewed By: ADS-Andi on 24 Jan 2013

If you enjoyed to play “Action 52 - Cheetahmen” and “Cheetahmen II” cause of curiosity or whatever, you shouldn’t miss this Bugfix!

At first don’t worry. The game still is a giant bug overall, but the most annoying mistakes were corrected. Most importantly, the 5th level loads after defeating the monkey boss, so you don’t have to do the “turn-on-and–off glitch” forever in order to happen. BUT: The 5th and 6th levels suck like the rest of the game! The background is just a copy of levels from the first game (Action 52 - Cheetahmen) (C1 Lvl2 = C2 Lvl5 | C1 Lvl3 = C2 Lvl6) and the gameplay as well. In the first level a graphic bug is fixed so an enemy is a man instead of a skeleton. In a later level the bug occurs nevertheless. So if you’re interested in playing the last to levels of the worst game ever made on an emulator, download this bugfix.

The jumping glitch works in level 3, 4, 5 & 6 which all were originally named “Level 3“.

By the way: a new version of the original game is going to be released soon, which offers access to the last to levels as well, but it will be an expensive collectors item by release. I prefer this free way ;-)

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Access to Level 5 & 6!ADS-Andi24 Jan 2013N/AYes