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God Medicine: Fantasy Sekai no Tanjou

Game Boy

Game Description:

God Medicine is a very cliché RPG, to the say the least. However, it gets away with being cliché because the game kind of pokes fun at the repetitiveness of the genre during the 8- and 16-bit eras.

The story of the game is basically the cookie-cutter plot of the Brave Youngters vs. The Ultimate Evil (which, honestly, can be applied to almost any RPG the way Propp’s plot outlines can be applied to any Folk Tale). But there is a twist. The children are actually transported inside a video game where they do their battles, and that’s what sets God Medicine apart, and where it draws some of it’s humor from. For example, one of the player characters proclaims to a skeptical king, “You must have a fetch quest or two we can complete!”

While the plot may have it’s humorous moments that are cookie-cutter in a tongue-in-cheek manner, the gameplay is also very cliché. Unfortunately, the gameplay and plot are two different things, and while the plot in this case can take liberties with being another repetitive RPG, the gameplay suffers. This is mainly due to the fact you’ve probably played this game before if you’ve ever played any Gameboy RPG.

Overall, you may get bored of this game a little bit if you can’t get past the gameplay. But if you do, you will be rewarded with a refreshing plot line.

The game was reprinted 5 years later with the title God Medicine: Fukkokuban (God Medicine: Reprint).

Translation Description:

Well Then! Everything known in the game is translated, it is fully playable. The script is very readable, and accolades are due for Sogabe and Cidolfas for their translations and script edits, respectively. And of course to Gideon and akujin, for their expert technical work on the patch.

There is currently only one minor issue though, with the Yamima Monster Files. Some of the move and magic text runs of eachother, or the window border, so just be aware of that.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • God Medicine - Hukkoku Han (J) [S].gb (GoodGBX 3.14, 524.288 Bytes)
  • .
  • 'Hukkoku Han' could be wrong, 'Fukkokuban' or 'Fukkoku Ban' is right. But the rom filename is as above.
  • .
  • Checksums (Before)
  • CRC-32: 847e0772
  • MD5: 4057131cb9cedfb2fcdbc36904e7896d
  • SHA-1: 61d3579293bf07166402d11d891e14bfd6fef6b4
  • .
  • Checksums (After)
  • CRC-32: dc8018b4
  • MD5: c2cc37e8a5c1c6dd5656b501903f9bcd
  • SHA-1: 80372c8daeb4dff11a58650abf7cd91b7f06c8ae
  • .
  • Use the 'Super Gameboy' reprint, it doesn't work with the monochrome rom (256 Kb)


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Gideon ZhiHackingProject leader, ROM hacker
CidolfasScript Editing/RevisionInitial script polish
AkujinHackingText dumping

User Review Information

An obscure RPG worthy of your time

Reviewed By: Satoshi_Matrix on 29 Nov 2012

God Medicine takes place in a cozy Japanese village in the mountains starring three RPG obsessed kids.

When a lighting strike burns down a videogame company’s headquarters, development of the hotly new antisipated RPG “Phantom” is cancelled, and then things get weird.

While exploring their town, the three RPG obsessed kids come across three heroes battling a great evil, and upon their deaths, the heroes bestow their powers unto the kids. Traveling through dimensional portals, the kids find themselves in the world of the RPG Phantom and their own world in this highly obscure Super GameBoy RPG.

As others have mentioned, God Medicine is a highly traditional and predictable 8-bit RPG that stands out for not taking itself very seriously. Cliche plot devices are everywhere, progression is very linear, and the gameplay is par for the course.

However, that doesn’t mean God Medicine is a bad game or unworthy of your time. On the contrary, it is an extremely enjoyable experience that works to compliment the limitations of the GameBoy by focusing on the simplicity of 8-bit role playing and delivering the player a fun experience free of the majority of RPG hangups.

Yes, there are frequent random battles, but battles are almost always easy and quick, allowing level grinders to experience a zen-like state as they do their thing.

Unlike most 8-bit RPGs, level grinding requirements are kept at a bare minimum. If you so desire, you can breeze through each area with minimal exploration going straight to the boss of each new area.

This version is in fact the 1998 Super GameBoy Enhanced Remake of the 1993 DMG original. The differences are slight, but the inclusion of basic color gives the game an almost NES quality and greatly helps the game impress during battle against the colorful monsters you’ll encounter.

The translation work is absolutely top notch, with lengthy words allowed for items and spells. The localized English dialogue is also completely free of spelling or grammer errors.

However, the only minor gripe I have with the translation is the frequency in which the kids who make up your party use profanity.

The constant curse words uttered by these children leave God Medicine’s translation with more of an amateurish feel than the scope of the work deserves.

Overall, I’m quite fond of this translation. If you’re thinking of playing another RPG, consider God Medicine. It might not do too much that hasn’t been done before, but it’s an enjoyable experience nevertheless, and this translation is among the best I’ve come across.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
An obscure RPG worthy of your timeSatoshi_Matrix29 Nov 2012N/AYes