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Phantasy Star Gaiden

Sega Game Gear

Game Description:

This isa fun little role-playing game. It is a side-story (hence the word ‘Gaiden’) based on the very popular Phantasy Star series (The ass-kicken-est RPG series ever, I might add =]). If Phantasy Star is as Nostalgic for you as it is for me, I suggest you grab the game right now. It plays so remarkably similar to the actual PS games it is uncanny.

Translation Description:

PSTARA.IPS uses the English font that was already present in the game, and PSTARB.IPS uses a new, wider font. All of the above pictures use PSTARB.IPS, but if demand warrants I can maybe whip up some comparison screens.

There’s a major plot twist in the game that was rewritten by Magic Translations (well not rewritten, but changed around a little) because, uhh, well I don’t know why exactly. Rebecca Capowski has retranslated the scene and posted it in a text file on her website, located here: Once I get through the game I’ll be able to figure out what exactly was changed, but for now you’ll have to take her word for it I guess. Naturally, don’t go looking for the retranslated scene thing unless you’ve already played through it or you want to be majorly spoiled. Kay?

This project was originally released by Magic-Destiny which has since merged with Stealth Translations to form Dynamic Designs. It is now offered and maintained by Dynamic Designs.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Phantasy Star Gaiden (Japan).gg
  • CRC32: A942514A
  • MD5: 54BE96CA21885145108F1C02E4D88EBA
  • SHA-1: 914F1E693F396794A37B5D99ACAF5DB54FE529C2


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
TaskforceHackingHacking + font and script work
WildbillScript Editing/Revision

User Review Information

Only For Die Hard Phantasy Star Fans

Reviewed By: Klaviaturist on 28 Nov 2012

Phantasy Star Gaiden is a game that requires a lot of patience. Maybe even saying that is an understatement. Particularly for a game that isn’t really all that long. As well, this is a game that most people probably will not like. And, even though anyone that loves the Phantasy Star series should give this game a playthrough, even for die hard fans, such as myself, this game is not all that fantastic.

I won’t explain what the story is as it’s nothing really that special. I will just get to the translation.

This game was translated quite sometime ago, so most people in the romhacking community have probably given this game at least a spin. The translation seems to be a rather impersonal localization. This is probably due to the fact that the games original script was probably impersonal to begin with. Most pieces of dialog consist of one sentences from NPCs. None of the characters seem to have any development at all and it does make the game rather difficult to even want to continue. And I can’t say the payoff is exactly worth it in the end.

Having beaten up the game a little bit, it is worth a playthrough still. The game seems to take place in between the events of Phantasy Star 1 and 2, which is interesting. And there are a lot of minor references to numerous enemies from the series. As well as spells and a couple of characters.

Overall, not exactly a fantastic game in the series but worth the time for fans. If you want to play a much better RPG on the Game Gear play Defenders of Oasis.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Only For Die Hard Phantasy Star FansKlaviaturist28 Nov 2012N/AYes
HORRIBLE!obscurumlux0125 Feb 2011N/ANo