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Super Mario Bros 2: All-Stars Style Audio

Hack of Super Mario Bros. 2


While SMB2 Disk System Accurate Sound aimed to restore the audio of Dream Factory: Heart Pounding Panic as closely as it can, SMB2: All-Stars Style Audio does the opposite, replicating the sound of the SNES version, only with NES Limitations specifically.

In the ZIP, the normal patch file as well as an NSF is included.

WARNING: As of v1.4, the pause menu can get stuck by highlighting all 3 options. If this happens, simply re-pause and it should be normal again.

v1.4 Changes:

  • Unlimited continues
  • Higher noise update definition
  • Noise sound effects are treated bytewise now
  • New drum roll sound effect plays when reels 1 and 2 match in the bonus game.
  • Triangle channel now can hold notes with $F?.
  • Level palettes and headers have been edited to match All-Stars equivalent backgrounds.
  • Mixer and bongo bugs have been fixed
  • Replaced pause tracks with a DPCM sound effect cue
  • Replaced WRAM with SRAM, and implemented saving
  • Replaced SMB3 Timpani with sample from All-Stars
  • Fixed a volume adjustment bug in the Noise SFX/Drum routine

v1.3 changes:

  • Added the missing All-Stars audio, even if not all can be used due to NES limitations
  • Music and DPCM SFX are treated bytewise now in order to fit more without using extra RAM
  • Audio banking optimizations
  • Corrected ending percussion, adjusted rit. to happen one segment earlier
  • New and altered queuing code to use some of the new sounds
  • Ending has been given a graphical facelift; only the Mario sleeping scene is unchanged
  • Adjusted NSF code to work with new upgrades

V1.2 Changes:

  • Wart music data corrected once again
  • Enhanced Pulse1 SFX data
  • Toggle-able sweep with death jingle
  • Fixed a return from subspace queue bug
  • Fixed resulting wrong BGM bug
  • Overhauled triangle/hill linearity handling
  • Changed music data to accommodate new linearity handling
  • Tempos adjusted for better accuracy
  • Audiovisual timing has been tightened up in a few areas
  • Title screen modified to match SNES as close as possible
  • Fixed pause tracks bug

V1.1 Changes:

  • Fixed POW log glitch
  • Fixed climb zip
  • Fixed subspace tiles
  • Corrected music/sfx data
  • Optimized sound engine
  • Fixed airmailing glitch
  • Corrected ending scene transition timing
  • Fixed POW sprite art
  • Fixed subspace music glitch
  • Updated life count to match SMAS
  • Fixed a rocket and door pause bugs
  • Corrected wait time for slot loss

Changes from vanilla & DSAS:

  • Character Select after death
  • Music bank-switching (for greater instrument variety)
  • Expanded sawtooth DPCM range (E1-B5)
  • Fully overhauled soundtrack
  • Samples taken from SMAS
  • Triangle bongos
  • Expanded Pulse/Triangle range where applicable
  • Doubled music data pointer space
  • Improved music data offset handling
  • General time flow is closer to the SMAS version
  • Vastly improved note length handling / custom definitions per bank
  • Dynamic sounds based on SMAS version (with a few limitation related differences)
  • Removed ending condition from DSAS regarding warps
  • Added sound queues from SMAS where there was silence (autobomb, charge jump, etc.)
  • Removed bomb sound effect queue from DSAS 1.3
  • Dynamic track muting when pausing depending on the song playing

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210216-231042)
  • File SHA-1: 7DF0F595B074F587C6A1D8F47E031F045D540DAE
  • File CRC32: 7D3F6F3D
  • ROM SHA-1: 43AC7C7AAF1846EAD7B544302BB9131E4964FD32
  • ROM CRC32: 57AC67AF



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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Tempo QuillMusicMusic, sound driver improvements, recording, tone generation

User Review Information

Sounds like the dream it is!

Reviewed By: Electric Keet on 28 Sep 2023

This hack is truly a delight for the ears! The music and sound effects feel like very natural upgrades, making the most of the NES sound capabilities. The DPCM channel gets quite the workout!

My only nitpick is that the changes to background colors feel unnecessary. All-Stars-style audio is great, but the graphical changes could stand to be in a separate optional patch.

Definitely worth a playthrough. At the very least, pop the NSF into a player and enjoy the music!

Version 1.4 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Sounds like the dream it is!Electric Keet28 Sep 20231.4Yes
Not a fanLuigiXHero04 Aug 20231.0No