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Wario Land 3: The Master Quest

Hack of Wario Land 3


Word of warning: Play this game in English! If you play this in Japanese, it will crash when you go to The Temple after getting the 5th Music Box, and you WILL NOT be able to win the game! The game will remind you to reset the game and select English if you select Japanese! Sorry speedrunners, you will have to restart your run if you do that!

Original project page (You should read this!):

Other project page:

About this hack:

The focus of this hack is difficulty and skill! It will test your precision skills, your reaction skills, your patience, and you may even have to abandon Wario logic to get past some areas! You may have to think outside the music box! (Get it? Wario is in a music box) The game actually has REALLY hard parts, and really easy parts! The parts that are hard ARE HARD!!

The first thing to be aware of are the skull tiles! They are actually the common warp tiles used everywhere in the game, but with a different graphic! If you touch one, you will return to the title screen! This is the “Highlight” of the hack! Saving and suspending (from the pause menu) are ESSENTEAL for beating (Not to mention COMPLETEING!) this hack!

Think you can handle it?

Features include but are not limited to: A modified (yet intact) story

Various changes to levels to increase overall difficulty, while preserving much of the original layouts, much like the dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest!

Several levels and areas were completely changed, with no trace of the old layout anywhere to be found!

Some keys, chests, and musical coins are moved around to different locations

A few treasures have been swapped with others, extending the length of the game

A few custom tiles were made, while some previously unused ones become used

Many objects and enemies appear in places they never were in the original game, with alternate color palettes too!

And many more!

Remember: This hack is aimed for more experienced players!


It takes lots of trial and error to get through it, so if skills requiring precision, patience, and reaction are not your virtues, then the author does not recommend this hack and would consider playing something else!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Clean ROM name: Warioland 3 (J) (M2) [C][!].gbc
  • ROM CRC32: 480D0259
  • ROM MD5: 16BB3FB83E8CBBF2C4C510B9F50CF4EE
  • ROM SHA-1: BB7877309834441FD03ADB7FA65738E5D5B2D7BA
  • No-Intro entry: Wario Land 3 (World) (En,Ja)
  • ROM checksum: 7633
  • Checksum valid: Yes



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User Review Information

I made an account just to review this.

Reviewed By: OrfeasDourvas on 25 Sep 2023

This romhack is absolutely fantastic. I just can’t put it down on my RG35XX. It uses systems that are already in the game but much more and the extra challenge is very welcome. Tweaks in stages range from almost complete overhauls to some looking almost identical, but even in the latter cases there have been small but smart changes to the game. Yes, it is hard but this is for the biggest Wario 3 fans who know the game by heart. Absolutely love this and recommend it 100%

Version 017 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
I made an account just to review this.OrfeasDourvas25 Sep 2023017Yes
MasterQuest Has Potential To Be Betterdarkgamer36018 Nov 2022003No