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Digimon World Maeson

Hack of Digimon World


This is a hack for Digimon World released for the original Playstation, a very interesting and ambitious mix of adventure, pet-raising simulator and some RPG elements.

As it is to be expected from this author, this modification touches a large number of aspects of the original game in an attempt to improve or tweak a large amount of elements to make a smoother, more polished and hopefully more varied and fun experience.

Here is a summarized list of the changes:

  • Reworking Evolution. This entails a large enough number of changes by itself, from redoing the requirements for each species to avoid overlap that would cause unintentional evolutions, simplifying how the inner working of certain requirements, providing equal number of evolutions to each species, remove the Priority system that could change the resulting evolution even if the player did things right, etc.
  • Tweaks to Techs, trying to make all of them have a niche to fill to feel useful, toning down the ones that were absurdly powerful, making weak Finisher Techs more in line with the standard power of each tier of evolution, improving the chances and fairness about learning Techs, changing the moveset of a few species, etc.
  • Tweaks to Items, to provide more variety in their effects, make more of them more useful to the player, specially related to food. Items lying around the world have also been extensively changed so there are more than Digishrooms out there. Evolution Items now provide Stat Gains and Lifespan boost when necessary.
  • Changes to enemy Digimon. From minor stat tweaks to either fortify or tone down specific ones, to improving the Item drop chances and variety, increasing the amount of Bits obtained by battle to amounts that actually help the player, Boss battles providing guaranteed Item drops where possible, some Tech changes to provide more ways to learn Techs that were a single-time-only chance, etc.
  • A big number of changes for other mechanics, such as extending Lifespan, File City’s Restaurant, the sleep and eating habits of Digimon to fix things like Gabumon’s absurd feeding needs, improving Drimogemon’s Item search shop, changes to the Arena to be more fair, expanding Factorial Town’s Evolution system, raising the chances for random Boss Digimon to appear to a more sane amounts, and quite a few more.
  • Extensive text cleanup where possible. This is not to change the weird feeling of the script which gives it its own weird charm, but to fix the many, many typos, incomplete lines, glitched text, game-breaking textboxes that would hang up the player and others. No way Maeson would touch gems of writing such as “He ruined my research with Evil”!
  • Inserting three* unused Digimon species as playable and fully functional, that can be obtained through normal evolution, and have different Techs to differentiate them from the original versions they’re copying.
  • Several optional patches that can restore or alter a few of the elements changed in this hack, disable the Tech Bonus requirement that could negatively affect evolution, and a collection of extra patches that will change the Starting Digimon when beginning a new game, providing much needed early-game variety.
  • A new mechanic has been added as an optional patch, in which a small system is created that gives your Partner Digimon a power boost to an specific Tech based on its current species (for example, as a Palmon your partner will do more damage using Poison Powder) and on the Tech Menu, red numbers will point out to the player which Tech each species empowers.

Beyond this, for this project Maeson was joined by Vice04 with the goal of squashing a large amount of glitches that were present in the game, for which this game is very infamous. The vast majority of the fixes were made by Vice04 by reworking the code itself, doing a magnificent job, while others required less serious changes.

Provided alongside Maeson’s hack, a version of Vice04’s fixes plus a few other changes was also added, plus a for-fun patch that makes random opponents appear during the Curling mini game.

A very detailed readme was also added, that not only goes through the changes, but also informs the reader about mechanics of the original game so they don’t need other source of information for such elements, some of them rather obscure and not well known. A smaller readme containing basic information for quick checking in the form of lists is also included.

You can also check all the work made by Vice04 regarding the glitches on github:

The hack should be applied to an NTSC-US .BIN copy of the game, using PPF-o-Matic.

Note: Hack updated to Version 1.05a. These are all the changes since the initial release:

  • All patches were remade with correct ECC and ECD sectors to prevent issues when playing it on specific places.
  • Also fixed an issue with three evolutive Items that did not work as intended.
  • Based on feedback, the Minigame for Monochromon’s shop was tweaked in order to reduce the money goal that the original game in order to make it less dependent on luck. There’s an optional patch to restore the original value.
  • Based on feedback, a few Items had their fishing bait data tweaked, and an oversight related to this that affected a small handful of Items was also corrected, so now all Food Items work as they should when used as bait.
  • Corrected the Original Lifespan patch, as it was missing some changes. A new extra patch that restores the original amount of Bits has been added receiving feedback that asked for it.
  • Corrected a regression that made Palmon unable to evolve into Greymon, an oversight in Devimon’s requirements and an issue where in specific cases, Rookie Digimon wouldn’t accept Digivolution Items.
  • Added a new optional patch with the new mechanic mentioned above.
  • Vice04 has expanded the Digimon Chart to show the previously inaccessible Ultimate Digimon Panjyamon, Gigadramon, Metal Etemon and Machinedramon. None of them are necessary to receive the Medal for completing the Chart, that works like usually does.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Digimon World [SLUS-01032]
  • CRC32: E6FDD00E
  • SHA1: 5611645da66183e30d11fb6c11a2784ff47e1fdb



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User Review Information

Incredible, definitive way to experience this classic

Reviewed By: Julfordio on 20 Sep 2023

I grew up playing this game, being both a fan of the Digimon anime and monster-raising sims like Monster Rancher, Dragon Seeds, etc. Many an afternoon were lost to this game at friends’ houses, as we did our best to avoid getting Numemon while exploring all the nooks and crannies of this exciting world.

But man, even with The Official Prima Strategy Guide, this game was unbearably obtuse and frustrating. Between the evolution mechanics that seem to require divine powers to properly comprehend, to the myriad of weird bugs and crashes, to the incredibly low technique learn rates, it was a miracle for us children to make any actual overworld progress between mons.

That’s where this hack comes in. Every mechanic related to evolution is more streamlined in a way that makes sense, so many of the most egregious bugs are fixed, and you can reasonably expect to fill out your learned techniques just by exploring in regions with enemies who use the move, rather than needing to spend entire in-game days grinding out fights until you get one new move (Seriously, low single-digit percentages are criminal in a game where you aren’t even guaranteed to be ABLE to learn the move in the first place!).

If the above is all this romhack did, it would still be the definitive version of this game to play, whether for veterans or newcomers. But this romhack goes even a step further in the right direction, rebalancing items to make a lot less “traps” for new players to fall victim to, and then rebalancing attacks to remove the absolutely gross imbalance that was present in the original game. Playing through this game was actually fun, and I was always feeling rewarded and like I had ways to make progress, even as one mon passed away and I began raising the next one.

If you’re playing this game, use this hack. It polishes the existing groundwork to an absolute shine, while never losing any of the aspects that made this game so enjoyable as a kid. It is an improvement from start to finish, and in my eyes is the only way someone should be experiencing it in the modern age.

Version 1.03 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A Great patch which fixes and improves the aspects of the gameMASTERSOT21 Nov 20231.05aYes
Amazing for New and Old Players!Lazites03 Nov 20231.04Yes
Amazing Hackmcbeamy11 Nov 20231.04Yes
Incredible, definitive way to experience this classicJulfordio20 Sep 20231.03Yes
Wait... this game is fun!?wakkoswami16 Sep 20231.01Yes