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Legend of Legaia (USA) - Restored Progression

Hack of Legend of Legaia


This is a patch that nullifies modifications made to the USA release of Legend of Legaia, increasing EXP and Gold rewards to their originally intended values, as seen in both the preceding Japan release, as well as the subsequent Europe release.

README.txt is included in the patch’s .zip file.

  • What changes were made to the USA release?

The USA release of Legend of Legaia has modifiers applied to the EXP and Gold rewards after battle, 75% and 50% respectively. Presumably this was done in an attempt to mitigate losses to rental stores, which aren’t really a concern 24+ years later.

  • Why not just play the Europe release?

The Europe release is letterboxed, and plays at a reduced fps of 50. The game’s frame timings appear to be fixed, causing it to run at 5/6th speed. This increases your playtime by up to 20% (e.g. 40 hours increased to 48 hours). Forcing the Europe release to run at 60fps distorts the audio.

  • How does one apply this patch?

Try using the Online ROM Patcher linked in’s sidebar. Use your .bin file and the downloaded .ips file. (

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Serial: SCUS-94254
  • Legend of Legaia (USA).BIN - CRC32: 627EE76B - SHA1: F162656D34DE19EC025074F184BB3F7C0BA1A2F1
  • Legend of Legaia (USA).CUE - CRC32: 2CE421DD - SHA1: 9073BCCAAB46B9E455EB010DE4FB67CD5CD4898F



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User Review Information

So much better!

Reviewed By: Shadowman621 on 20 Sep 2023

I’ve played this game since I was a kid, and it always felt like it would take forever to able to afford something from a store. With this hack, money’s no longer a huge issue. Yes you will have to do some grinding to purchase more expensive things, but not nearly as much as the vanilla version.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
So much better!Shadowman62120 Sep 20231.0Yes