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Sonic Spinball ROM Editor

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This is a ROM editor for Sonic Spinball (Genesis/Mega Drive). Will let you make lots of changes to the game, and will patch those changes into your ROM.

Editor will work on any version of the ROM and any region, with the exception of the very first prototype (Aug 1993).


  • Uses pattern searching instead of static ROM addresses, which is why it works on any version.
  • Can adjust your starting level and lives, as well as enabling the built-in level select.
  • Can adjust the amount of gravity in the game (can make it higher or lower).
  • There’s an option that lets you reverse the gravity while playing the game by pressing Down on controller 1. Releasing Down returns gravity to normal.
  • You can adjust how much control you have when trying to steer Sonic around the level while he’s in a ball.
  • There are several options for the 4 different bosses in the game. You can make them easier or harder to defeat.
  • There is an option for the last boss (Robotnik) that lets you use a new way of getting access to the upper area of his spaceship. Once you hit one of the robotic arms or socks on the sides, that arm or sock will no longer block your way to the upper area of the ship.
  • There are several options for the 3 bonus games. Again, you can make them easier or harder to win.
  • Some adjustable options for the multi-ball games as well.
  • Can adjust how many points it takes to get an extra life.
  • Can also adjust the maximum number of lives you can get from points (normally limited to 9 lives).
  • There is an option that opens up a warp area in level 1. Walking left when you first start the game is normally blocked, but with this option enabled you can walk left a bit and be warped to an upper section. This is really helpful if you’ve already gotten the first emerald and you want a quick way to get back up to the top section.
  • There are several Help/info buttons that should answer any questions. There is also a Readme file included.
  • Each section has a “Show normal values” button which will display the normal/default values used in the game. This is useful if you’ve already made some changes, and you want to see what values the game normally uses.
  • If you’ve already patch new values into a ROM, the next time you open that ROM, the editor will display the values you patched into it. In other words, it pulls the values from the ROM itself, instead of predetermined values.
  • There is a Dump button that will create a text file with lots of useful info like: Name of your game, all of the ROM addresses it found, as well as all of the values and descriptions for each ROM address.
  • When patching, you can decide if you want it to create a new ROM or not. If you do make a new ROM, the program will automatically add “Patched” to the end of your file name, which makes it easy to remember which file was patched, although you can name the new file anything you want as long as it’s not the same as the original file name. This keeps your original ROM safe.


User Review Information

Very good!!

Reviewed By: Greyfox on 19 Sep 2023

The editor is as always a great romhack community adition, the possibility to change various things like, number of lives, amount of points multipliers and gravity gives a cool way to play this game. I recommend it for the fact that am revisiting games from my childhood with the possibility to customise in any way I want. Keep it up please man, your editors rule!!!!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Very good!!Greyfox19 Sep 20231.0Yes