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Breath of Fire ROM Editor

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ROM editor for Breath of Fire lets you edit lots of stuff in the game and you can then patch those changes into your ROM. Works on any GBA or SNES version of the game, including many hacked versions.

Version 1.1 update (9/11/2023): Added editing for enemy ACT and Wisdom stats in the Enemy Search section.


  • Works on any version or any region for Game Boy Advance (GBA) or SNES. Will work on SNES ROMs with or without the 0×200 byte ROM header. Also works on many hacked versions here on RHDN, including the GBA “Breath of Fire Improved” hack and others.
  • Five different pages/tabs to choose from.
  • Can edit lots of stuff like: increase or decrease the amount of random battles; turn random battles ON or OFF; how much money treasure chests have; enemy HP, Atk, Def; how much Exp and GP (money) you get after battle; what items are for sale in the shop including unused weapons and armor and a normally unavailable debug item that lets you warp to anywhere in the game; cost of items in the shop; adjust weapon and armor power, weight, and who can equip; adjust stats for all characters in the game; adjust magic damage or restore amounts; adjust magic AP cost and level learned; convert weaker magic spells into stronger spells, etc.
  • There is also a section that lets you type in the name of almost any weapon, armor, magic spell, enemy, or boss, and the editor will search for their stats in the ROM and display them for editing. There are handy buttons with lists of all the names so you can just copy/paste. Editor will also display the ROM address of where it found the stats.
  • When patching, you can decide if you want it to create a new ROM or not.
  • Several buttons for info, values, etc.


User Review Information

Good editor

Reviewed By: Greyfox on 17 Sep 2023

Good editor, it is possible to edit each enemy, and also standardize the same amount of exp and money dropped for all enemies. Loving this editor - it’s possible to make lots of changes and it gives these great old games new life. We are all busy grown ups (me for example), and we do not have time anymore for grinding, and random battles to happen each 3 seconds. Keep up the good work with this editor please!

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Good editorGreyfox17 Sep 20231.1Yes