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Super Mario Bros. Tweaked

Hack of Super Mario Bros.


This hack adds a number of bug fixes, improvements and other miscellaneous Tweaks to Super Mario Bros. This is done without any added mappers. Using asm6f or another assembler, one can choose which Tweaks to add or remove, depending on taste. This can be done by cloning the source from the GitHub repo (listed under Source Code in the Hack Information on the left) and following the build instructions there.


  • Victory theme B-section: Despite its original removal being that it did not fit in the cartridge, due to a lot of optimisations, it has been added in.
  • Flagpole 1-UP: When the player touches the top of the flagpole, they will now earn a 1-UP.
  • Modern scoring: If the player bounces on many enemies in a row, defeats many enemies using a star, or kicks a shell into a long enough row of enemies, they will get more points and eventually 1-UPs.
  • Modern power-up scaling & damage scaling: Power-ups now work like they do in later games.
  • Modern enemy bouncing: When the player holds A while bouncing on an enemy, they will now bounce higher, like in later entries.
  • Modern enemy movement: When enemies land on the ground or touch the player, they will now continue to walk in their direction, like in later entries.
  • Unconditional 1-Up blocks: 1-Up blocks now always spawn.
  • Title music: Adds an alternate version of the Underwater theme to the title screen. Strictly speaking, this alternate version is an unintended side effect of a bug, but it does sound quite nice.
  • Dynamic lives screen: The lives screen now changes depending on what state Mario or Luigi is in.
  • Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Luigi palette
  • Consistent shell speed: Shells now move the same speed in the air as on land. They can also go over 1-tile gaps now.
  • Force pipe crouching: Super and Fire Mario/Luigi now always crouch when entering a pipe, as opposed to sometimes.
  • Allow Player 2 pausing: In the original game, only Player 1 can pause the game, since the Famicom only gave Player 1 a start button. This Tweak makes it so that both players can pause.
  • Remove hammer bounce: Hammers now travel along their arcs when they hit the player. They are only bounced back when the player is invincible.
  • Green underwater Cheep Cheeps


  • Fix World -1: The scroll locking now works as intended. Doing the glitch anyway brings a surprise.
  • Fix lives: Lives are now capped at 99, and displayed properly.
  • Fix Spiny velocity: Lakitu now throws his Spinies with the velocity the designers intended.
  • Fix crouching: Crouching is improved, removing some glitches like the infamous “getting stuck in the water levels” glitch.
  • Fix powerup momentum: When the player collects a power-up while jumping, they will keep their vertical speed now. This sadly also removes the power up jump glitch.
  • Fix star flagpole glitch: When the player is invincible while touching the flagpole, they’ll now lose your invincibility, rather than having the music glitch out.
  • Fix starting input: When the player holds A or B while entering a level or exiting a warp pipe, the player will no longer jump or fire a fireball. This removes the skating glitch as well.
  • Fix 5-1 small castle: Turn the small castle at the start of level 5-1 into a big castle, like it should be.
  • Fix Spiny block defeating: When the player bumps a block with a Spiny on it, the Spiny will now be defeated.
  • Fix the star power-up jumping out of the block: When a star comes out of a block, it will now always jump out, instead of sometimes falling out.
  • Fix small Mario’s reversed walk cycle: Small Mario now doesn’t moonwalk anymore.
  • Fix the collision of invisible blocks.

Changes from the PAL (European) version of the game

  • Optimise Cheep Cheeps: Takes the Cheep Cheep code, and makes it a whole lot shorter and faster.
  • Fix spring spawning: Makes it so that the spring spawning function doesn’t override important sprite slots, leading to fewer glitches.
  • Fix spring force.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Super Mario Bros. (World)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210216-231042)
  • File SHA-1: EA343F4E445A9050D4B4FBAC2C77D0693B1D0922
  • File CRC32: 3337EC46
  • ROM SHA-1: FACEE9C577A5262DBE33AC4930BB0B58C8C037F7
  • ROM CRC32: D445F698



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User Review Information

Best improvement Hack for SMB1 by far

Reviewed By: pocket on 18 Apr 2023

If you ever felt like the gameplay of the original SMB1 was too antiquated for you but you still like the original graphics and sounds, and you enjoy other Mario games like Mario 3 or New Super Mario Bros, this is probably your best bet at enjoying the game.

It doesn’t allow you to carry shells or do wall jumps by any means, but it does allow you to gain height by jumping on enemies, not like in Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels, where you bounce up high regardless of if you’re hitting the jump button or not, it’s more in line with later Mario games, where you’ll just kind of thud off the enemy if you’re not pressing the jump button and bounce upward if you are, and it even has similar physics to Super Mario 3. Not at all as jarring as Lost Levels. This hack also allows you to much more easily rack up 1ups by using the Star Man or consecutively jumping on enemies. I had 50 lives by the time I beat this, when I ordinarily find that I’m lucky to even reach double digits in my life counter in a run of this game. Never was able to get that Koopa sell trick on the stairs to work…

The game is a bit easier too because you don’t power down to small Mario if you get hit as fire Mario. I think this is one area where I wish there was an optional patch to keep the original damage system, as I feel it makes the game too easy when you’re already racking up lives thanks to the Starman. I feel like it should be one or the other, not both, but even with that, I still might make this the default way I play Super Mario Bros when I’m feeling nostalgic for the NES.

I played this on real hardware using an Everdrive N8 Pro with no issues.

Now… can we please get another one like this for Lost Levels?? That one needs improving even more.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Best improvement Hack for SMB1 by farpocket18 Apr 20231.1Yes
The best way to play Bros. 1, without a doubt.cornholio30909 Feb 20231.1Yes
A fun new way to playjojo_f07 Jan 20231.1Yes
Definitely the best way to play Super Mario Bros.Vallenatero201531 Dec 20221.1Yes
A Modern Approach and perhaps Definitive Way to PlayBlackSunshine30 Dec 20221.1Yes
A Great Way to Improve a Perfect Game!MichalGrodal226 Dec 20221.0Yes