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Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Developers trying to make their games fresh and new by slapping something “innovative” onto a successful formula is nothing new. It’s also nothing exclusive to video games. It is, however, a rare thing in any medium to discover that such an act was done right.

Actraiser is one of those rare games. The game starts with an interesting concept. You are a god. Literally. You even have your very own little cherub buddy to help you out. The world is very much your oyster. Then you’re thrown into a side scrolling action game. okay, that’s kind of cool. hacking and slashing is fun, and the backgrounds, enemies, and bosses are pretty slick-looking. And then the gameplay completely changes into a relatively simple simulation-type game, with you in total control.

Actraiser takes these two very different game types and seamlessly melds them into a work of pure gaming bliss. The world is divided up into different regions. The first time you go to a region, you enter a side-scrolling platformer stage. If you make it through and defeat the boss, you gain access to the overhead sim part of the region. During this portion of the game you guide villagers in the construction of the town. You have to destroy terrain that inhibits expansion, and appease your worshipers. And you have to guide your cherub buddy in keeping the monsters at bay until the villagers can seal the portals they’re coming out of. keep the villagers happy and they give you gifts, which range from power-ups to items to use in other villages. Once you’ve sealed all the monster portals the final dungeon for the region is revealed-another side scroller. Beat that stage and you’ve cleared the region.

You can play the regions in any order, but you’ll likely have to keep revisiting previous regions as you progress to use some item that you just received to solve a lingering problem in another village. It’s this kind of interaction that really brings the game together-it really feels like you’re getting to know the people who are worshiping you.

The other point to the simulation part is to level up the avatar you go spelunking through dungeons with. As the total population of the world increases, so too do your levels. Increased levels in turn give you more spell charges and higher maximum health, which make the side scrolling stages easier.

Actraiser is a brilliant combination of two different, yet popular genres. Each portion of the game feels natural, and blatantly effects the other-everything you do matters. Nothing feels gimmicky or tacked-on. It’s sad that it saw just one sequel, and that nobody has seen fit to try and create something like it since.

Translation Description:

Shame on you if you’ve never played Actraiser before! This version, other than having an amazingly badass logo, is actually a lot harder than the US release of the game. Even in Fillmore 1, there are more brambles, more monsters, more everything. It’s crazy great. Ian Kelley wanted to retranslate the game, so here it is! Far be it from me to deprive one of my star translators from an awesome request or two!

If you’ve never played it, now’s your chance. The translation is complete and, to my knowledge, bug-free. Enjoy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Name: Actraiser (Japan).sfc (No-Intro 2016-01-12)
  • Size: 1048576
  • CRC32: bee9b30c
  • MD5: 3cb1a7ae9fd34a56015f752fd138070e
  • SHA1: f031fc983a2eed4d69e223b256ece5f037fb5d5d



RHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Gideon ZhiHackingProject leader, ROM hacker, translator
Ian KelleyTranslation

User Review Information

It's close, but 'difficulty' changes are way too tedious

Reviewed By: Uberdubie on 14 Apr 2023

I really wanted to recommend this, but ultimately the platforming sections were far too annoying to do so.

This game is all about a balance between the platforming and building-sim sections. Both were quite good as-is. The pacing in the US version was perfect. But the deeper I got into this hack, the more I started to dread the platforming sections. Though the sim sections are now also far slower to get through, it wasn’t nearly as punishing as the platforming sections. On the very first Fillmore stage, you’ll see there are new obstacles and more brambles seemingly placed at random. I finished the first stage without much problem; the changes just made it feel more like a slog rather than being more enjoyable. This gets more pronounced as you continue on, as stages became simply too difficult/punishing… and not in a good way.

Same goes for the bosses. I’ll use the example of the stage 5-1 boss in the jungle. This was nearly unfinishable for me, since it takes so tiresomely-long to beat within the time limit. Even you have magic fully-saved-up, it won’t be enough to beat quickly. The platforms for this boss have been rearranged to make it needlessly tedious to jump up on the far end, then jump across the entire area just to approach and get one hit on the vulnerable area, while its firing projectiles at you that are far more deadly than before. You have a very small window of time to hit it, which you may miss completely and have to go back and forth across the platforms again trying not to get hit by projectiles. This in itself would still be tolerable if the boss didn’t have FAR more health than before as well. Each time you manage to actually hit it, it either does one chink of damage, and seemingly none at all at times. I only defeated this boss with save states just to see how laughably long it would take me. I never considered this boss to be tedious or difficult in the US vanilla version.

On the positive side as others have stated, the new translation is near-perfect, including the decensored elements. This was SORELY needed in the US version, and they did a phenomenal job here. If only it wasn’t bogged down by everything else. Thus if there ever comes a day where this is re-released as a truly pure translation hack, I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Version 1.00 Recommended - No

User Reviews
It's close, but 'difficulty' changes are way too tediousUberdubie14 Apr 20231.00No
Solid Translation with Worse Mechanicsregalpixelking28 Dec 20221.00No
Some areas are a bit buggy, but overall 100% RECOMMENDED!Apocalypse61218 Oct 20191.00Yes
Just play this version!GhaleonUnlimited27 May 20191.00Yes