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The Firemen (Europe) NTSC Patch

Hack of The Firemen


This Patch change the region of The Firemen PAL/EUROPE to NTSC/USA so it can be played at 60Hz.

Pal version is the only one with final English translation.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Firemen, The (Europe) (En,Fr,De).sfc [NO-INTRO]
  • MD5: ac995ab6f5667be14eb6471458e491d3



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User Review Information

Surprisingly short but a lot of fun

Reviewed By: bobrocks95 on 02 Apr 2023

My complete playthrough of the game took about an hour, which definitely wasn’t what I expected going in. That said, it’s a fun action-packed romp that manages to include a lot of fun mechanics in its short playtime. It’s hard not to compare it to its fellow SNES firefighting game, The Ignition Factor, but I’ve played both and much preferred the fast-paced arcadey gameplay of The Firemen. This game has multiple unique boss fights where you’re literally fighting living fire!

Given its short length I also expected a death to mean an instant game over, but you get 2 or 3 continues and get back up right where you died without losing any progress. It’s amazingly fair, and I get the feeling that if The Firemen had come out in the US, the continue mechanic would have respawned you at the start of the level, if it wasn’t removed entirely.

The NTSC conversion patch seems fine to me- I popped the Japanese version open in an emulator and the speed appeared to be the same. The negative reviewer must have been used to a reduced PAL speed, or the difference isn’t enough for me to notice for a game like this.

The harsh letterboxing is also there in the original Japanese release, so I can’t fault that to the patch either.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Surprisingly short but a lot of funbobrocks9502 Apr 20231.0Yes
Makes the experience much betterSupergamerguy02 Aug 20201.0Yes
Bad patch - game runs too fastmegalex05 Nov 20171.0No
Easy idea, Big changerainponcho13 Apr 20171.0Yes