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NES Assets Workshop (NAW)

Miscellaneous Graphics Tools


NAW is a modern tool that enables the creation of art ready for use with NES development. Meant for artists, it imposes all NES limitations and gives you a WISIWYG workflow.

It works with NES compatible formats such as nametables, CHR, OAM data and raw palettes, but it can also export to PNG and it allows images to be pasted directly on the CHR table from other software.

It has an extensive toolset and is actively maintained by nesrocks. Updates are posted to the official itch page:

It is a free download but donations are welcomed as they allow the project to receive new features.

It does NOT open ROMs directly yet, but you can import a PPU dump from emulators. You can also import the OAM dump from mesen.

For ROM hacking it is useful to edit the raw graphics manually extracted using PPU dumps or the CHR taken using other tools. Re-inserting the graphics into the ROM will require ROM hacking knowledge.

There’s a simple tutorial project that loads to default, it can be disabled in the preferences. Hit the “nametable #” button to view the tutorial pages.


User Review Information

An essential tool for NES ROMhackers and developers

Reviewed By: tygerbug on 01 Apr 2023

If you’re hacking NES games graphically, or developing NES games and graphics, you need NES Assets Workshop (NAW). There are tools and shortcuts here which make things much easier, which no other tool has, such as the ability to move tiles around in the CHR bank while keeping the same onscreen layout. I doubt this will be the only tool you use as a NES hacker, but it is a very good one. It was developed by a top NES ROMhacker and developer, to suit his own specifications and needs. NES Romhackers really are spoiled these days with all the great tools available. Even so, this unique tool really stands out, and will quickly become a very welcome part of your toolset.

Version 0.206 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
An essential tool for NES ROMhackers and developerstygerbug01 Apr 20230.206Yes