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The Legend of Zelda: 3rd & 4th Quest

Hack of The Legend of Zelda


The Legend of Zelda - 3rd & 4th Quest

The purpose of the hack is to create a 3rd/4th Quest for the game. Q3 is similar in style to the original 1Q, but 4Q takes more liberties. There’s no new graphics or any of that stuff. It’s meant to feel like an extension of the original game, as if development continued on and two more quests were created. This has been pretty extensively play-tested by forum members.

  • Slightly modified overworlds for both quests
  • 8 new dungeons in new locations
  • Items shuffled around between dungeons
  • Shops changed
  • Important locations altered
  • Off-map rooms in dungeons (and overlapping screens)
  • 2nd Quest: lots of hunting for heart containers!

Also, as a warning: There’s an area in Level 9 (1Q) where it seems impossible to get to…but it’s possible without resorting to cheats/glitches. HAVE FUN!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Legend of Zelda, The (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210216-231042)
  • File SHA-1: DAB79C84934F9AA5DB4E7DAD390E5D0C12443FA2
  • File CRC32: D7AE93DF
  • ROM SHA-1: A12D74C73A0481599A5D832361D168F4737BBCF6
  • ROM CRC32: 3FE272FB



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User Review Information

What a fun hack!

Reviewed By: Laundry9 on 28 Mar 2023

Just finished playing this hack on my 35 year old NES. So much fun! I really enjoyed Legend of Zelda as a kid and later as an adult but was getting bored playing the 1st and 2nd quests over again as all the exploring had already been done. This hack is great for those looking to re-live the experience of original Zelda. It plays like a perfect extension of the original game, and I honestly felt like kid again while playing it. The level of difficulty is sequential, I’d say that the 3rd quest is a bit more difficult than the original 2nd and the 4th is more challenging still. The “reality” of the game is the same as the original (all the weapons exist, 9 dungeons need to be beaten, bushes can be burned, dungeon walls are bombable/walkable, etc.) but redesigned in a very creative and sometimes unexpected ways.

A few thoughts and highlights for me:

  • 1) Overworld redesign is very cool. Better than the original IMO.
  • 2) New dungeon layouts are great. They all have a logical flow and are not randomly designed (which I was afraid of). There are even overlapping portions of dungeons which are especially important in Quest 4. If you do the dungeons correctly, you shouldn’t need to buy a key (but I still did a couple times). If you get stuck from progressing, you’ve missed an important weapon/item somewhere in a dungeon.
  • 3) Knowledge of the original Zelda does help in terms of where a few dungeons/items can be found. I see the nod to the original Zelda for some locations.
  • 4) Love how the recorder takes you to a few otherwise inaccessible locations.
  • 5) There are lots of hidden heart containers in the overworld in Quest 4, which does take a bit of grinding.
  • 6) The game can be really challenging at some points, especially in a few dungeons. I really struggled a couple times early in both quests in a few rooms. You get hit with some hard enemies while you’re still quite weak. I think a lot of this stems from the fact that you’re dealing with the wooden sword and green suit for a long time (by design), which makes the battles pretty tough. I think this was intended to mimic the experience of the original Zelda before you knew where all the heart containers were and had the ability to purchase the blue ring (usually I go into the first level in the original Zelda with the blue suit and all the available heart containers). In Quest 4, although not necessary, you can get stronger earlier, but you’ll do need to do some of the dungeons out of order.
  • 7) I hate the orange suns that take your sword (a general statement). There are a couple of dungeon rooms you really have to be careful in!
  • 8) I was forced to kill enemies at certain points (especially the blue Wizzrobes) with weapons that I had not traditionally used, which was cool, but a bit frustrating before I figured it out.
  • 9) A few bits of humor that I liked (Q4 Level 8 final boss, and the old lady in the forest maze)

Again, a great hack by KevvyLava that you will enjoy playing, especially if you were a fan of the original Legend of Zelda.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
What a fun hack!Laundry928 Mar 20231.0Yes
Really enjoyed this hackKuhurdler11 Oct 20211.0Yes
A very good Zelda 1 hack that deserves its namenetux18 Sep 20211.0Yes