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Chrono Trigger+

Hack of Chrono Trigger


This hack adds a ton of cut content back into the game, allows access to previously unexplorable areas, fixes some bugs and offers some options to remove the linearity from the game. Full list of changes in the readme.

In addition 1999 is fully explorable and offers tons of stuff to do. As well as more Easter eggs and quality of life improvements.

More stuff carries over like names money, fair prizes and cats.

The optional patches are explained in the readme.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Chrono Trigger (USA) - Headerless
  • (No-Intro version 20130701-030720)
  • ROM/File SHA-1: DE5822F4F2F7A55ACB8926D4C0EAA63D5D989312
  • ROM/File CRC32: 2D206BF7
  • ROM/File size: 4096kb



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Josephine LithiusHackingSome writing, some actor manipulation

User Review Information

It's fine.

Reviewed By: GuruOfSomething on 26 Mar 2023

It’s very difficult for me to place this rom hack. On the one hand, it’s more or less the vanilla game which is by default a stellar game and a must play for any fans of the RPG/JRPG genre. However this hack has a few things that really don’t sit well, but it’s not all bad.

The minor touches and QoL improvements are certainly welcome. The game progression does feel a little better, the biggest of which is not needing to waste an accessory slot on triple techs whereas now they are permanently learned when you acquire them. The updated item descriptions are also welcome, giving some much needed context to what some of the added effects are.

The extras in the game, while rough, are charming enough and are a fun peek into things like that were left behind. Songs such as the Battle 2 theme and Singing Mountain are welcome additions especially and are placed in great spots to really help immerse you in the situation. The added side quests are nice too, adding some fun extras. Though they are very rough with dialogue that doesn’t stand up to the rest of the game (We can’t all be great writers but it’s worth mentioning to set expectations) and the tiling/graphics do get a little screwy. But a solid attempt for sure. The side quest areas ARE accessible for the most part as soon as you are able, but be warned they are insanely difficult and some even needing NG+ to even really complete.

My biggest gripe, and a serious turn-off for me was the random difficulty spikes. Perhaps that was a side effect of the difficulty balance patch, which was nice having to really conserve items and having some other small tweaks. Some bosses just require the extra grinding and that seems unnecessary, this isn’t a case of just rework a strategy or party all the time. Sometimes you will just get party-wiped the second you enter battle. Twin-Golems being a frustration in the Ocean Palace being a big one, and Lavos in general as his big party attacks will kill almost everyone instantly or close to, leaving you little time to recoup before he goes for another attack.

It’s moments like these that feel so radically unbalanced (whereas some fights seemed like a joke from what I remembered in the vanilla game) that it really takes away from the care put into the hack. Hopefully in future updates these get tweaked, as this really is a big barrier of entry for those who are more casual fans looking to have a fun revisit.

Lastly, the writing as stated earlier that was added in or modified isn’t stellar. And the 600 AD Old-English medieval speak just isn’t fun to read, but all in all it’s passable and doesn’t take much away from the game so no real knocks against it in that regard.

I do recommend this for fans of the game who are looking for a real challenge and to see some cool extras, but really can’t recommend it over the original and some of the others I’ve played. Overall it still needs a lot of work, and hopefully future versions will remedy a lot of it if they are coming.

Version 2.6 Recommended - No

User Reviews
It's fine.GuruOfSomething26 Mar 20232.6No
Mostly great, with some minor nitpicksZorlock Darksoul20 Mar 20232.6Yes
Meh.CharmLord19 Aug 20222.5.3No
Not recommended for new playersElanzer07 Aug 20222.5.3Yes
A great hack overall BUT...Ariel21205 Aug 20222.5.3Yes
My new favorite way to play CTTyler_Nerdin12 Apr 20222.5.3Yes
Absolutely what I would expect from a hack of CTBackPalSA05 Feb 20222.5Yes
Great Hack... Developer AwesomeNash28 Dec 20192.3.1Yes
Very good hackcrudelios04 Sep 20192.0Yes
Sheer masterful excellence!lexluthermiester26 Aug 20192.0Yes
Good Work, Could Use Some Polishfedorajoe05 Nov 20171.0Yes