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Pokemon Blue - 151

Hack of Pokémon: Blue Version


Pokémon Blue - 151 had a few simple goals:

1) To make it so that all 151 Pokémon could be obtained in a single-player playthrough, without the need for a guide, or any new special new items or evolution methods. All updates were seriously considered to make the most sense without affecting lore, story, or mechanics.

2) To replace any direct, real-world, location references with updated and relevant Pokémon-world references (Example: Lt.Surge the Lightning American is now The Lightning Unovan, as newer games reveal that he is a native born Unovan.)

3) To NOT go overboard with edits! The project does not add new sprites, new music, new regions, new characters, new moves, higher difficulties, etc… It doesn’t even “fix” attacks. It does, however, slightly edit Fuchsia City so movement is easier (does not introduce any game skips, whatsoever - just a Quality of Life change.)

This is supposed to be as vanilla as it gets, but also to feel as official as it can be. All re-introduced Pokémon are not simply dumped into easy locations, but they are also not impossibly rare - NONE are at 1% spawn rate. - Everything was thought-out for balance and to fit into the already established story (in some cases, improving the story). The entire game should be doable without a guide. Newcomers should be able to playthrough and succeed simply by talking to NPCs and doing battles and exploring. Older fans will be able to do most of this game from memory - It is not supposed to feel like a rom hack.

Update 1.2: Changed one trade so that NPC dialogue post trade makes sense.

Update 1.2.1: Added an optional “MissingNo Patch” so players can re-enable MissingNo encounters.

  • Razormime

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Pokemon - Blue Version (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced)
  • Database: No-Intro: Game Boy/Color (v. 20180815-131105)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: D7037C83E1AE5B39BDE3C30787637BA1D4C48CE2
  • File/ROM CRC32: D6DA8A1A



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User Review Information

Almost Perfect

Reviewed By: Vomer on 23 Mar 2023

Great game that gives you access to all Pokemon, making runs of the game feel way more customizable from a team-buulding perspective. My only complaint is that they moved my boy Lickitung to the post-game (Cerulean Cave), so I can’t take him to the Elite Four. I know this was done to make the Mew trade post-game and keep in line with Yellow, but in my opinion, Lickitung should have been moved to it’s Japanese Blue location (Safari Zone) like what was done with Jynx. Then make the Mew a gift or something for completing the Dex. It’s the only Pokemon not available until after the Elite Four besides the 2 legendaries, making runs through the main game with Lickitung impossible. 4.5/5, only thing missing is Lickitung in the main game, then would be a 5/5 for random team runs of Gen II.

Version 1.2.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Almost PerfectVomer23 Mar 20231.2.1Yes
Best hack of this kind I've seen yet, BUT..ClaudeDixon28 Feb 20221.2.1Yes
Great hack, especially for first timersheadfallsoff06 Dec 20211.2.1Yes
This is perfect! What I always wanted in Pokémon Game.Pokemonfan9822 Apr 20211.2.1Yes