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Street Fighter II World Warrior Hack

Hack of Street Fighter II


Graphical hack of the Sega Master System version of Street Fighter II that was released by TecToy. This hack replaces all graphics in the game. The list of changes are as followed:

  • Restored stage elements
  • Clean re-sprited versions of all fighters
  • Portraits are from World Warrior, instead of New Challengers version
  • Position offsets for various fighters have been corrected
  • Brighter and more accurate palettes
  • This hack has two variants, Champion Edition and World Warrior.

    ROM / ISO Information:

    • Database match: Street Fighter II' (Brazil)
    • Database: No-Intro: Master System (v. 20210216-223458)
    • File/ROM SHA-1: 1866752A92ABBF0EB55FBF9DE1CD1B731EC62A54
    • File/ROM CRC32: F8287EC



    RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image



    ContributorType of contributionListed credit
    slograGraphicsWork on Guile sprites
    MondoGraphicsWork on Sagat sprites
    bcnabel76HackingDisabled original shadows
    emrabtDesignHelp on Sagat stage tile optmization

    User Review Information

    Seeing these graphics on an 8-bit system is just jaw dropping!

    Reviewed By: slogra on 18 Mar 2023

    Redrawing all the fighters’ frames and backgrounds is one hell of an accomplishment. Xfixium pixel drawing skills are just top notch. He made extremely good use of the very limited amount of vram/number of tiles. It’s truly amazing how he was able to fit the airplane in Guile’s stage and the large large statue in Sagat’s stage. Lots of stages looks very close to the arcade/snes version.

    I did not play the original SMS game much, but I enjoyed playing through the hacked version. The fighting/physics engine has not been updated in any way, as far as I know, so this is “only” a graphics improvement.

    Xfixium should really take a lot more credit, and should add himself to the list of credits on this site. (I only drew a couple of Guile frames, which is not even 1% of the work).

    Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

    User Reviews
    Seeing these graphics on an 8-bit system is just jaw dropping!slogra18 Mar 20231.0Yes