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Phantasy Star II Improvement

Hack of Phantasy Star II


Bug fix and enhancement mod geared toward rebalancing the underutilized characters and implementing gameplay quality upgrades. Also available on Steam.

  • Addenda for 2x experience and meseta, approximations of original character names, and no red flashes when characters take damage.
  • Shir doesn’t steal on Dezo (Must be LV 10 to steal VISIPHONE).
  • Script update with lore term consistency.
  • Mixed case enemy names, techs, items, menu labels, location labels; characters can be named with lowercase letters.
  • Bug fixes galore.
  • Faster walking speed.
  • Ally/enemy sprites only flash once when damaged.
  • Unused enemy VANLEADR implemented.
  • New equipment: SilverClaw, Wave Shot, Cyber Vest.
  • LAC DAGGER stats fixed.
  • SHINB allows escape from organic and evil enemies.
  • Hugh can equip more chestplates.
  • Nei, Amy, Hugh, and Shir’s techs rebalanced.
  • Included are equipment, tech, and tech acquisition lists. These are not required to play PSII Improvement.

    ROM / ISO Information:

    • Phantasy Star II (USA, Europe) (Rev A)
    • CRC32 - 904FA047
    • MD5 - 0FA38B12CF0AB0163D865600AC731A9A
    • SHA1 - 0711080E968490A6B8C5FAFBB9DB3E62BA597231




    ContributorType of contributionListed credit
    FlamePurgeOriginal HackingPrimary hacker
    veoHackingFast Battles
    FauntleroyProductionIdeas; support
    lory1990HackingDisassembly; Fast Walking; bug fixes; enhancements

    User Review Information

    Does what it says it does

    Reviewed By: Spooniest on 23 Jun 2022

    My previous review of Phantasy Star II Improvement was published when the mod was called “Phantasy Star II Proper Caser,” so now my review no longer makes sense, heh.

    Thanks to Lory’s Disassembly, the game has been improved, indeed. This puts it directly on the level with something like Final Fantasy IV or Dragon Quest V. Phantasy Star II has always kind of been consigned to the clunky early era of RPG’ing, and it needed this patch very badly.

    The dialogue script has been improved quite nicely while still retaining the general tone and spirit of the original, the fast walking is an absolute must, and the various tweaks to the gameplay make it a lot less frustrating to get through. (I would recommend using Viv’s Appendices for reference, as quite a bit about equipment has been changed, but if you dun wanna, it’s not a dealbreaker.) The “red flashing” in particular being removable now is something that I had wanted from the time I first played the game back in the 90’s.

    It would still be nice if there was some way to introduce battle backgrounds or expand on the side characters’ role in the story somehow, but as they say, you can’t have it all. This is a solid mod that definitely deserves a place in any Game Mod Fan’s library.

    Version 4.4 Recommended - Yes

    User Reviews
    The Way to Play PSII NowadaysEmptyeye11 Feb 20224.3Yes
    Can't stress this enoughjmd648812 Mar 20203.5Yes
    A breath of fresh air.Rand29 Oct 20152.2Yes
    Does what it says it doesSpooniest23 Jun 20224.4Yes