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Final Fantasy VI - A Soldier's Contingency (Extended Bestiary Edition)

Hack of Final Fantasy III


A Soldier’s Contingency is a comprehensive Gameplay and expansion hack for FFVI. It has been in the works for 5-years and is based on the wonderful hack by Fauntleroy/Fedorajoe titled the “General Leo Edition”. In addition to being able to recruit Leo, the whole game has a fresh new experience from start to finish while remaining faithful to the original. All the original content is still there, but with a significant overhaul and expansion. Battles should feel exciting rather than tedious. Gameplay is more challenging, but never in an unfair manner. Grinding will NOT be necessary with some good strategy.

The following is a list of features:

  • Approximately 200 new monster sprites on top of the original monsters for a total of 350 monsters
  • Optional end-game Beast hunting and some new bosses
  • Lots of new equipment, including dozens of new ultimate endgame gear
  • 50+ new battle themes
  • New alternate characters that remain faithful to the originals while adding a degree of freshness
  • The ability to recruit Leo as in the General Leo edition
  • New surprise twist for Gogo and his own set of equipment
  • Dozens of new spells and abilities and improved animations for existing spells
  • Complete Gameplay overhaul and rebalancing
  • New equipment menu that combines relics and gear
  • A surprise twist to the final Kefka fight with your party above a certain level
  • All new AI scripts for more intelligent monsters
  • 50+ user-made hacks, patches, improvements, and more included
  • Some new cutscenes
  • Pugs instead of Imps that change color based on the character
  • Some new dialog and plot twists
  • All major bugs fixed, such as vanish/doom trick, psycho cyan, the infamous Gau sketch bug, and the useless evade stat along with countless others
  • Ability to learn rages anywhere and to see which rages you are missing in Gau’s skill menu
  • Colosseum completely re-written, and the ability to control your characters
  • Re-written auction house to include more items and to be less annoying
  • Functional Umaro, complete with his own set of equipment and a brand new skill
  • New Dash function
  • Leo’s Shock overhaul, which is now limited to once per battle and will randomly choose between 3 types of shock attacks
  • New “Miracle” ability for Leo
  • Rebalancing of physical attacking vs. magic
  • Espers limited to mages
  • No more status boosts for espers to compensate for the mage-only esper system
  • Major rebalancing of characters; all of them should have a purpose for being in your group at one point or another!
  • Game-breaking attacks fixed, such as fixed dice with offering
  • Rages completely redone
  • No more missable rages; a complete list is doable
  • Many skill improvements, such as faster Bushido, A smart chainsaw that knows when to go for an instant kill, and Dance that never fails
  • New desperate attacks, including brand new desperate attacks for Umaro, Gau, and Leo.
  • More frequent desperate attacks
  • Countless other features. Far too many to list here, in fact!

Be sure to grab the full PDF guide here!

Feel free to ask questions at the FF6Hacking forum here!

Join the discussion of the hack over at Discord!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy III (USA) - NOINTRO
  • Platform: Super NES
  • CRC32: 39A8F5B4
  • SHA-1: E2E1ED5B66FB66AE0C9BAE9AD64E55E34196BFDD
  • Checksum valid: Yes
  • Patches for Headered and Unheadered included
  • Patches for both FF3 USA version 1.0 and 1.1 included



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image



ContributorType of contributionListed credit
FauntleroyHackingThe base of the hack, the "General Leo Edition"
Mike FerrellMusicMusic, coding, tutorials, and more
C-DudeHackingVarious patches, help with coding
MadsiurHackingVarious patches, help with coding

User Review Information

Great Ideas, But Needs Better Implementation

Reviewed By: Phaxuji on 06 Mar 2023

I feel bad giving this hack a ‘no’ recommendation. This is one of those instances where I wish that this website had a bit more of a nuanced recommendation feature. The word “no” can be stated in many ways, from outright screaming to something a lot more hesitant and unsure. In this case, my “no” falls into the latter category.

Let’s begin with what’s good:

1) Battle music. The battle music is varied depending upon where you happen to be when fighting. If you’re in a forest, it’s one song and if you’re on the plains, it’s another. Deserts have a different theme as do caves. This is extremely welcome. I had always wondered why video game composers couldn’t be bothered to make a few more tracks for battles so that they aren’t always the same thing ever single time.

2) Balanced difficulty. This one truly surprised me. You see, for some reason, FF6 appears to be a very difficult game to balance. I say this because despite the numerous mods for this game, it either turns into a hard-type hack or does little to nothing to the difficulty at all. This hack certainly felt more difficult than vanilla, but it wasn’t anything substantial. Overall, it was a welcome change.

3) Portrait/sprite changes. The portraits of the characters, as well as their overworld sprites, were altered. For the most part, these alterations were very well done. I think some of them could be debatable as to whether the original was superior, but I felt that they were generally much better. They were clearer in terms of what they were trying to represent and provided more personality.

4) Cyan’s bushido. It builds much faster which is so much better than the vanilla. This is exactly the way it should’ve been to begin with.

Now onto the more mixed/neutral stuff:

5) Dialogue. Much of the dialogue is improved and provided with more clarity, but that only makes the mistakes stand out that much more from the vanilla. For example, Cyan’s dialogue has been changed from “thee” and “thou” – which is fine – but when Gau is met for the first time, he begins saying “thou” a bunch from out of nowhere. Up until this point, “thou” is not even said a single time. It doesn’t make sense. Shadow’s somehow become nicer and more congenial (a change I vehemently disagree with and don’t think aligns with the original intent). And things that should’ve been fixed, like Cyan not really caring that much that his wife and kid and everyone he has ever known are all dead or that Setzer appears out of nowhere and joins with the Returners for no good reason at all, are left intact.

And now the things that bothered me enough that I gave up on playing to the end (hence the “no” recommendation):

6) “Class” gameplay balancing. One of the things that the author of this hack claimed in the readme was that “classes” were “more defined”, offering the idea that there were mages, warriors and a mix of both. This was certainly not my experience at all. Instead, I was given characters who could cast spells and characters who could not. Otherwise, they were only differentiated by their unique ability (such as Cyan’s Bushido or Celes’ Runic), something that is already present in the vanilla version.

This bothered me in particular because I was very hopeful that despite not being able to cast spells anymore, my non-spellcasters would shine. Instead, they just couldn’t cast spells. It felt like a nerf rather than any kind of balancing. The equipment could’ve been used to offer some kind of differentiation but it really wasn’t either. My “fighters” – i.e., those without spellcasting – had no bonus stats to offset their deficit. They were just characters who at one time could’ve cast spells and now they couldn’t. It made any grinding or leveling very boring and meaningless, which actually brings me to the next negative point.

7) Leveling. Leveling felt like it didn’t matter at all. Barely any changes took place between levels. I expected that the “fighters” would’ve gained more HP or something over their counterparts, but they didn’t. Sabin felt the only exception to this rule (he had a bit more HP, though still nothing that substantial), but if that’s the case, was Sabin supposed to be the only “fighter” in the game?

8) Stealing. Locke’s ability to steal is pretty cool. Unfortunately, in this hack, it almost never works and thus has no point to being used; that is, until you start getting items that help it along (Thief’s Gloves, etc.). This effectively means that to steal properly, you must have Locke equipped with “steal-only” items. I think a better solution would’ve been to allow Locke to steal worse items without gear and better items with gear, not make him unable to ever use steal properly unless he’s geared that way.

I will end with the nitpicks (things that were bothersome but not overly so):

9) Back row. Back row reduces damage by 25%. Why? What was wrong with 50%? The back row feels almost exactly the same as the front now.

10) The phantom train sequence suddenly drops the XP gained dramatically for no reason whatsoever.

11) Throwing. Throwing is much too expensive for a greater part of the game. To balance this, I would suggest that either the cost of what is to be thrown be reduced OR that there be an expensive item that allows infinite throws (like a boomerang).

12) The Veldt. This was very confusing. In the vanilla game, it was very clear: Gau learns rages on the Veldt by leaping at enemies. The end. In this one, it appears that Gau learns rages anywhere at all. What’s the Veldt for? To just have a place where all the enemies you’ve fought before reappear? Sounds okay, but why no XP gains then? In the vanilla game, there was no XP given on the Veldt and in this hack, it’s the same. Why? I believe that not providing XP on the Veldt in the vanilla game was a poor choice to begin with. If the Veldt is going to be changed, why not change that too?

13) Monsters. This may seem to contradict my “balanced difficulty” advantage at the top of this review, so let me explain. It’s true that the monsters provide more of a challenge, but it’s really only in the damage that they do. It gets to a point in the game where all that’s taking place is a damage game. I would’ve loved to see more variation in the monsters, especially given that relics can protect characters from all sorts of negative effects. This would encourage strategizing certain relics over others.

Conclusion: It was the lack of differentiation in the “classes” and the underwhelming advantage to leveling that ultimately led me to quitting early. One might argue that I needed to keep playing to really see the benefits later on, but I’ll simply counter that a game should be good from start to finish. If a game is excellent during its last half but poor in its first half, then I would suggest that its first half should be worked on.

A game is not absolved of its problems because it’s an overall enjoyable experience. The problems still exist. And for some, they are not worth suffering through.

This hack had an enormous amount of potential and I still think it does. What it really needs help with is balancing. The “classes” should be much more clearly defined and obvious, right from the outset, especially since many of the characters endure a colossal nerf (no spellcasting). It should be painfully obvious who my “fighters” are and who my “mages” are. The back row should be a safe place for my squishy characters. Every single level should feel substantial. And if everyone’s leveling too fast and thus making the levels too powerful, then just change the threshold necessary to acquire a level.

If those things were achieved, I would gladly offer a “yes” recommendation.

Version 1.02 Recommended - No

User Reviews
When the 12th time is just as good as the first.Kost11 Mar 20231.02Yes
A perfect amalgamation of vanilla and hacks!Ace_Aileron08 Mar 20231.02Yes
Great Ideas, But Needs Better ImplementationPhaxuji06 Mar 20231.02No
Starts 10/10, ends 9/10loinator23 Feb 20231.02Yes
A Very Solid FF6 Hack, Something for EveryoneLilyily21 Feb 20231.02Yes
Better than retail, but not as good as others.FrigginNeato01 Feb 20231.02No
Review of A Soldier's ContingencyChanewt30 Jan 20231.01Yes
One of the best Final Fantasy hacks.T9225 Jan 20231.0Yes