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Final Fantasy VI - A Soldier's Contingency (Extended Bestiary Edition)

Hack of Final Fantasy III


A Soldier’s Contingency is a comprehensive Gameplay and expansion hack for FFVI. It has been in the works for 5-years and is based on the wonderful hack by Fauntleroy/Fedorajoe titled the “General Leo Edition”. In addition to being able to recruit Leo, the whole game has a fresh new experience from start to finish while remaining faithful to the original. All the original content is still there, but with a significant overhaul and expansion. Battles should feel exciting rather than tedious. Gameplay is more challenging, but never in an unfair manner. Grinding will NOT be necessary with some good strategy.

The following is a list of features:

  • Approximately 200 new monster sprites on top of the original monsters for a total of 350 monsters
  • Optional end-game Beast hunting and some new bosses
  • Lots of new equipment, including dozens of new ultimate endgame gear
  • 50+ new battle themes
  • New alternate characters that remain faithful to the originals while adding a degree of freshness
  • The ability to recruit Leo as in the General Leo edition
  • New surprise twist for Gogo and his own set of equipment
  • Dozens of new spells and abilities and improved animations for existing spells
  • Complete Gameplay overhaul and rebalancing
  • New equipment menu that combines relics and gear
  • A surprise twist to the final Kefka fight with your party above a certain level
  • All new AI scripts for more intelligent monsters
  • 50+ user-made hacks, patches, improvements, and more included
  • Some new cutscenes
  • Pugs instead of Imps that change color based on the character
  • Some new dialog and plot twists
  • All major bugs fixed, such as vanish/doom trick, psycho cyan, the infamous Gau sketch bug, and the useless evade stat along with countless others
  • Ability to learn rages anywhere and to see which rages you are missing in Gau’s skill menu
  • Colosseum completely re-written, and the ability to control your characters
  • Re-written auction house to include more items and to be less annoying
  • Functional Umaro, complete with his own set of equipment and a brand new skill
  • New Dash function
  • Leo’s Shock overhaul, which is now limited to once per battle and will randomly choose between 3 types of shock attacks
  • New “Miracle” ability for Leo
  • Rebalancing of physical attacking vs. magic
  • Espers limited to mages
  • No more status boosts for espers to compensate for the mage-only esper system
  • Major rebalancing of characters; all of them should have a purpose for being in your group at one point or another!
  • Game-breaking attacks fixed, such as fixed dice with offering
  • Rages completely redone
  • No more missable rages; a complete list is doable
  • Many skill improvements, such as faster Bushido, A smart chainsaw that knows when to go for an instant kill, and Dance that never fails
  • New desperate attacks, including brand new desperate attacks for Umaro, Gau, and Leo.
  • More frequent desperate attacks
  • Countless other features. Far too many to list here, in fact!

Be sure to grab the full PDF guide here!

Feel free to ask questions at the FF6Hacking forum here!

Join the discussion of the hack over at Discord!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy III (USA) - NOINTRO
  • Platform: Super NES
  • CRC32: 39A8F5B4
  • SHA-1: E2E1ED5B66FB66AE0C9BAE9AD64E55E34196BFDD
  • Checksum valid: Yes
  • Patches for Headered and Unheadered included
  • Patches for both FF3 USA version 1.0 and 1.1 included



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image



ContributorType of contributionListed credit
FauntleroyHackingThe base of the hack, the "General Leo Edition"
Mike FerrellMusicMusic, coding, tutorials, and more
C-DudeHackingVarious patches, help with coding
MadsiurHackingVarious patches, help with coding

User Review Information

A Very Solid FF6 Hack, Something for Everyone

Reviewed By: Lilyily on 21 Feb 2023

Final fantasy VI has a multitude of enjoyable hacks made for it from a plethora of talented creators. ASC is no different. The offerings it has to the already successful final fantasy VI formula are both well thought out and a pleasure to experience. ASC works off the General Leo edition, so some changes made from that romhack are also in it. I have not played Leo edition yet, so my review is based purely on ASC.

Upon starting the game, players will first notice the overall visuals have somewhat changed. The default text boxes are a different color, the portraits are new and updated, and the character sprites have all received changes both to color tone and overall outfits. One of my most favorite features about ASC is the spritework. This hack includes original FF6 sprites that have been touched up as well as sprites that have been imported from other games. A lot of love and care went into this aspect of the game. Ported sprites are touched up with shading and color so that they look like they belong in final fantasy VI even if they are not native to FF6. Final fantasy veterans will recognize both old final fantasy monsters and creatures from entries even as high as FFX that are present with high-quality sprites. Truly some top-notch work.

ASC provides several new battle themes from other RPGs. Almost every area of the game has a new battle theme, and the songs have been carefully chosen from other classic RPG titles. No emulator adjustments were required to avoid sound glitching, they all sounded flawless right off the bat. Everyone knows a good battle theme can be iconic and make a boss so much more thrilling, and it really works for many of ASC’s encounters both new and old.

The combat has changed substantially. There are no esper stats anymore, so gone is the need to run lower levels or monitor levels to optimize stats. Only three characters can use espers to learn magic, and the rest must rely on their unique skills and commands. This might seem odd, but several characters have been buffed or changed so that their skills remain useful throughout the game. Gau learns rages simply by encountering enemies anywhere, and Strago has more useful blue magic. Umaro is revamped and fully controllable with new abilities. This encourages the player to form a party with characters that complement each other. Sabin’s blitz mantra is a much more enticing option when healing magic is limited, for example. Everyone is viable. I had a lot of fun experimenting with different party configurations and trying out the new aspects of characters. Solid work.

The game’s overall pacing is great, with the combat being more difficult than vanilla but not to the point of frustration. The player will need to work a little in encounters to not party wipe, using status effects and various abilities. Some of them can be tough, but they feel rewarding and random encounters never become a “Hold A to win or spam one spell” slog. From Narshe all the way to the endgame, the encounters remain challenging and enjoyable throughout.

Perhaps the most notable unique new feature found in ASC is the addition of hunts. In the second world, there are uncommon spawns of several new enemies that provide a greater challenge with powerful rewards. These scale from lower levels all the way to higher levels, with higher level beasts presenting a greater challenge but also having some of the game’s strongest gear. Some of these fights are akin to endgame superbosses with the appropriate level of difficulty.

These encounters and others cannot simply be outleveled because ASC has a unique scaling difficulty system where enemy AI can change and improve with an increased player level. This isn’t perfectly linear, and is usually at certain levels (50, 70, etc). The player’s party tends to scale faster than enemies, so the game does get easier with higher levels just not overly so to the point of trivialization. Doubly so with the rare hunt beasts, which will give even better rewards if defeated at a higher level in some cases.

Whether you happen to be a completionist or just someone looking for a fresh take on the world of final fantasy VI, ASC is likely to entice you in some way or another. There’s a lot to enjoy, from the visuals to the gameplay itself. This romhack was enjoyable from start to finish. I highly recommend this romhack, and place it up with the likes of Divergent Paths and T-Edition as “must play at least once” if you are an enthusiast of final fantasy VI. Fabulous work, Lightning!

Version 1.02 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
When the 12th time is just as good as the first.Kost11 Mar 20231.02Yes
A perfect amalgamation of vanilla and hacks!Ace_Aileron08 Mar 20231.02Yes
Great Ideas, But Needs Better ImplementationPhaxuji06 Mar 20231.02No
Starts 10/10, ends 9/10loinator23 Feb 20231.02Yes
A Very Solid FF6 Hack, Something for EveryoneLilyily21 Feb 20231.02Yes
Better than retail, but not as good as others.FrigginNeato01 Feb 20231.02No
Review of A Soldier's ContingencyChanewt30 Jan 20231.01Yes
One of the best Final Fantasy hacks.T9225 Jan 20231.0Yes