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Phoenix Hacks Announces: FF4Tools

07 September 2009 9:06AM EST - Update by Phoenix Hacks

Utilities News

I’m pleased to announce the first release of FF4Tools, a set of three utilities intended to help in hacking FF4. Written in Javascript, these tools are intended to be used alongside a hex editor. The package currently consists of a Dialogue/Name Editor, an Event Editor, and a Location Map Editor.

All of the tools load the default hex data and convert it for you as you edit. You can then paste it back into the ROM with a hex editor. Instructions are included within each tool; push the “?” button in the top-left corner to display them.

You can download the 7-zipped file here or from the “Relevant Link” page below. You can also find more (and larger) screenshots and a demo on that page. Feel free to e-mail or PM me with comments or questions, or post them in the discussion for this news item.

Staff Note: You can also find this archived here at RHDN.