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Project NEMO - The AC3 Translation Project

04 September 2009 5:28AM EST - Update by DragonSpikeXIII

Translations News

Greetings from Team NEMO!

Our project officially began a few months ago with the scope to have all media related to AC3 in English. This includes: the game’s entire script, videos, guide books and booklets, the official website’s commentaries and interviews by the game developers, etc…

We’re still a small and humble team but also one with the drive to make this gem finally accessible to English-speakers.

Those interested are invited to check our current blog for news, updates and all kinds of content from and related to ACE COMBAT 3 electrosphere!

You can find our latest release here! In case anyone wondered, we do plan on implementing English subtitles into the game itself but we currently lack a programmer for that, so we’ll be translating it first until we can find one.

Thank you for reading, Team NEMO signing off!

RHDN Project NEMO Page