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    Revisited version with altered levels added game mechanics such as bouncing enemies and higher jumps. + Bugfix on level 5-4. + Bugfix on level 5-4.
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    Review updated again, after a fellow user informed me of the fact that the Fire Flower is actually a Superball Flower, and that those were Bombshell Koopas, not the normal kind that leave their shells behind.
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    After doing some research, regarding Mario's sprite behavior, and talking with the author of the ROM-hack, I'm re-reviewing this game with a fresh mindset.
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Panel De Pon - English Translation

08 June 2007 11:07AM EST - Update by Zuqkeo

Translations News

After 3 months of work, the translation project for this game has come to its conclusion 12 years after the game was released by Intelligent Systems. The game was released in US and Europe, but under the name of Tetris Attack, and it featured a modified story Yoshi and pals instead of the original cast.

I must say that before I started this project I hardly ever did anything related to hacking, so this was my very first attempt to understand how the internal mechanics of a computer game work. I hope you all like what has become of it. The only thing that didn’t get translated was the big “PDP” logo itself as I could not (yet) create a good substitute for it.

Staff - Congratulations go out to Zuqkeo on his first completed project. You can get the patch here at RHDN or at Zuqkeo’s site.