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FF4 Ultima v2022 Has Released!

23 May 2022 7:04PM EST - Update by Lilyily

ROM Hacks News

It’s been a whole year since the last release, and what a year it has been! Many people would look at a romhack like FF4 Ultima and think to themselves “What more can they possibly fit into this game?” Multiple “final” versions later have answered that question.

And yet, the fantasy STILL isn’t final!

What began four years ago as a discovery that Final Fantasy 2 on the SNES had a lot of removed features and, with the right set of skills, could be transformed into something almost unrecognizable from its Vanilla counterpart, FF4 Ultima is best described as a “deluxe” version of the base game. However, with the amount of love and care put into this romhack that would be an understatement! The enjoyable story with themes of redemption and sacrifice remains comfortingly familiar, but the experience built around it is fresh and fun. The core FF4 story is all here, yet the romhack features expanded areas, new enemies and bosses, new items and equipment, an arsenal of new spells and rebalanced characters.

From party member swapping to exciting new encounters, developers 8-Bit Fan and chillyfeez have brought a whole host of exciting new features to a timeless masterpiece and with this most recent edition continue to build upon a storied history of successful releases. Notable new features in v2022 include:

  • A full-featured bestiary, complete with descriptions! Find them all by scanning each unique enemy!
  • A new epic encounter with a classic final fantasy favorite that loves to hold grudges!
  • Powerful new items, weapons, and spells for more gameplay options than ever before!
  • A chilling new area to explore!
  • Menu access to the big chocobo from anywhere! No more full inventory woes! Big chocobos around the world will now impart their wisdom if spoken to.
  • Menu UI improvements for a better experience!
  • A fan favorite joins the party for the first time in FF4 Ultima history! Where does their allegiance truly lie? Command their powerful, unique spells and abilities if you can manage to find and recruit them to your cause!
  • Through a partnership with, achievements are now a reality! Collecting everything and exploring every inch of every map has never felt more rewarding!

All these additions AND more can now be experienced in Final Fantasy Ultima v2022! On behalf of the Final Fantasy IV Ultima dev team, thank you for your continued support. At almost 35,000 downloads, so many people have enjoyed this labor of love. Here’s to hitting 40k!


Developers: 8-Bit Fan, chillyfeez


And the many beta testers! Thank you!

If you are curious about this project, please see the links below: