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LEGO Battles Editing Utility Released

17 May 2022 2:21PM EST - Update by opiter09

Utilities News

After weeks of digging into the pertinent file, and a fast and furious bout of GUI code writing, OEA is proud to present the first utility for editing LEGO Battles, and indeed the first utility for editing any LEGO game on RHDN.

This utility allows for convenient, simple editing of a unit’s Speed, Land- and Water-walking capabilities, Type, Build Cost, Build Time, Health, Mana, Projectile, Attack Damage, and Powers, along with the Damage Values for those projectiles.

It is hoped that this utility inspires a variety of creative statistical hacks, making the Local Multiplayer this game offers even more exciting.

Given that, up until a few months ago, even the image files in LEGO Battles could not be deciphered, OEA is extremely proud of all the work that has been accomplished on a game he, and a great many others, fondly remember from childhood.

Finally, let a moment be taken to remember John Murga. Mr. Murga passed away on May 13, 2020, leaving behind a wonderful software package named MurgaLua. This program allows GUI code to be written in the much simpler, higher-level Lua programming language, as opposed to working with C/C++. OEA is eternally grateful for such code allowing even an amateur such as himself to write a clean-looking, fully-functional GUI. Requiescas in pacem, Mr. Murga.