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Game Boy Wars 3 full translation and PALBal patch V2.0

07 May 2022 1:08PM EST - Update by MKnightDH

ROM Hacks News

In recent times, due to certain scary real life events, Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp was delayed, to the mix of sympathy and chagrin of users such as BigKlingy. In response to this, the full translation (other than minor details) as well as the PALBal patch for a game in the same franchise, Game Boy Wars 3, is hereby released on Mother’s Day. Since this release is pushing as much, it is worth pointing out here actively that viewing the Readme files, especially covering about those same real life events, would help to avoid dishonoring both WayForward’s intent with the delay of Re-Boot Camp, as well as victims of the real life events in question on both sides.

Game Boy Wars 3, for the Game Boy Color, is a Turn Based Strategy game where the player maneuvers modern military units around their enemy to achieve victory. At its minimum, Game Boy Wars 3 involves its share of unit ideas as well as more unique mechanics compared to other games in the Nintendo Wars series. The translation allows for players to experience the game as they wish in English with a few features added to get around defunct features, the PALBal patch seeks to improve the balance, fine-tune the mechanics, and add a few more points of interest for ideas, and the additional patches such as Hit Point Display and Automatic End Turn provide for conveniences. There’s even a Master Patch that quickly adds in all of these patches to a base version of the game.

Be sure to try this out. With any luck, the userbase could at worst have the things to complain about be welcome to complain about, rather than be about how WayForward is doing a certain something that was already done by Famicom Wars’ boxart. Fun that doesn’t come at others’ expense would be the best, after all.