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EightBound Regal - Final Fantasy X EarthBound of the Easy Type

02 April 2021 6:23PM EST - Update by Polinym

ROM Hacks News

Last year, Polinym released the most up-to-date version of his hack EightBound, which turns EarthBound into a Final Fantasy game. It combines elements of all of the first nine games to create an epic Final Fantasy adventure. Players can check out the original hack here:, or see its trailer in the related link.

EightBound was intended to be a very challenging hack that was still accessible to less skilled players. However, Polinym received many complaints about the difficulty. In response, Polinym has created a brand new edition of EightBound that caters to casual gamers.

Why Regal? Because this hack gives you the royal treatment!

Introducing EightBound Regal! Regal creates a whole new experience for players of all skill levels to be able to beat. Even a beginner who has never played an RPG before can reach an ending! Features of EightBound Regal include:

- Cheat protection has been removed!

- Significantly lowered encounter rates!

- A faster adventure that doesn’t waste more of your oh-so precious time!

- A never-before-seen story arc!

- New characters!

- New abilities!

- New bosses!

- A revamped interface!

The creator of the hack also wishes to make this statement: To all those who thought that EightBound was too difficult, Polinym is so sorry for all the pain my hack has put you through. He never realised that you have to cheat past the struggles you encounter in lif-,er, games. He is now a changed man. Now Polinym says that if your situation ever becomes too painful to endure, remember: it’s okay for you to escape your problem. He doesn’t want a single one of you players to think that an unfair reality you’ve been forced into is the only one that you have to live. Your ability to play EarthBound hacks on your computer is an amazing miracle. You deserve to spend your days in happiness.

Dreams can come true! No more tears!

Finally, Polinym wishes to reiterate that live reactions are the most helpful form of feedback for improving ROMHacks. The uploading of video playthroughs with commentary is highly encouraged. Also, he requests that commenters and reviewers refrain from posting spoilers for this hack’s new story.