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Androgynous MSX2 translated, music patches & added GFX & animations

29 March 2021 11:46AM EST - Update by Max Iwamoto

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

It is finally here. The translation for Androgynous. The project was born many years ago. At first it was just to be a translation, but soon after it was discovered that the PC88 version of the game had FM tunes. Not wanting the MSX version to fall behind, Meits maked the FM and MSX Audio music for the the game. The PC-88 version also had extra demos. They were translated and at first just thought to be put it in a txt file. Over time the project grew and was several times in a state of almost being released: just the translation, the music patches, after syncing everything with the interrupt and after adding turbo mode. And at times Real Life(tm) got in the way. The last big thing added were the extra demos to the MSX version. Visuals based off the PC88 version but greatly improved by Toni Galvez are used to fully upgrade the game. The end result is the translation, music, GFX and animations upgrade patches for Androgynous that is released now.

Some of the main features (full list can be found in release text file):

  • Full translation of the game texts and its graphics.
  • Rewrote the game from delay based code to V-SYNC based code. Everything synced to interrupt and added Turbo mode.
  • Music patches for MSX-MUSIC, MSX-MUSIC & MSX-AUDIO and MSX-AUDIO. Samples can be used for MSX-AUDIO.
  • Added a new song “the URD” made by Meits for the game over demo.
  • Synchronized music to parts of intro demo and end demo as it was in the original game.
  • Added demos after level 3 & 9 and after game over. With new MSX visuals and music and a story fitting the MSX version.
  • Added what key to press to continue (which was listed in the manual) and the level of your weapons like in the PC88 version.
  • Fixed bug that game always set refresh rate at 60Hz without updating RAM variables (it resulted in wrong music playback).

MSX Translations hope the end result is worth the wait! You want to know why the game is called Androgynous like in the song Androgyny? Or you want to hear the arrangements by Meits or see the new visuals from Toni? Then go on and check out the patches.