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First Nintendo Vs. System Game in 30 Years!

22 December 2020 6:52PM EST - Update by mhughson

Homebrew News

Introducing Vs. From Below!

A brand new game for the Vs. Nintendo System. The first of it’s kind in 30 years!

From Below is a brand new game released for the NES in November 2020, and ported to the Vs. Arcade system shortly after. It has gone through extensive updates to make this a true Vs. System game, and not just a quick port.


  • Coin-Op
  • Leaderboards
  • Redesigned Menus and Title Screen
  • All Settings Configurable via Dipswitches
  • Attract Mode
  • Free Play
  • Maintenance Button and Coin Counter Supported
  • Support all PPUs (RP2C04-0001/2/3/4, 2C03, 2C05 and even 2C02 [NES]).
  • Works on both Vs. Unisystem and Dualsystem (both sides)
  • Original Instruction Card (with printing instructions)

Download the game and learn more at