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Pokemon Gold Beta/Alpha REVIVAL - 1.5 is soon to be done! 1.5Beta4.1DevTools released!

05 August 2014 4:17AM EST - Update by Chippy2000

ROM Hacks News

Pokemon Gold Beta/Alpha REVIVAL is a ROM Hack that has been going on since October 2012, and it has came a long way since then. It caused TCC to be formed, a slew of new ROM Hacks, and a bit more popularity in Pokemon Gen 2 ROM Hacking.

Pokemon Gold Beta/Alpha REVIVAL also caused the beta Safari Zone to come to see the light of day, and also made running possible in a recent update.

And now, 1.5, the update destined to be the biggest update yet, is soon to be finished. It will add in new tilesets, revamped sprites (Maybe in 1.6), and even more Pokemon in the Safari Zone!

Look at the Facebook Page for TCC and Pokemon Gold Beta/Alpha REVIVAL for more information about later updates, and other ROM Hacks!


Pokemon Gold Beta/Alpha REVIVAL -