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Pokemon Gold Beta/Alpha REVIVAL 1.3 IS OUT!

07 January 2014 6:00PM EST - Update by Chippy2000

ROM Hacks News

Once again, the Revival of Pokemon Gold’s beta and alpha stages presses on, and to an extent of reviving the Safari Zone!

The Safari Zone has all the unused fleeing Pokemon, and many Pokemon you would see in the Red/Blue Safari Zone but is still having more Pokemon added. It’s even accessible!

This hack contains all but one Pokemon, the Japanese Jynx and has every Kanto Pokemon’s beta name. Every map is finished, and even a few unused things are re-used but there are still a few to be done that require implementing.

This hack is updated frequently, with 1.3 being the biggest not including 1.3b, 1.3b2 and 1.3SilentHills since they were betas/indevs.

The picture shown is the player’s edited sprite which is now a girl that is meant to be similar to the beta girl.

The Related URL is the Facebook Page for this ROM Hack where all the latest updates, help ads, bug announcements to warn others and everything to do with the game’s development are.

I hope you will enjoy this hack.