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Announcing Project II, an extensive Final Fantasy IV mod

18 November 2013 1:10PM EST - Update by vivify93

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Final Fantasy II for the Super Nintendo has an atrocious script. This we know. J2e, supposedly, made FFII obsolete by translating its Japanese counterpart with its proper numeral, Final Fantasy IV. Common knowledge these days, no?

Unfortunately, as shown on Tomato’s famed Final Fantasy IV page on his acclaimed site, Legends of Localization, that simply isn’t the case. While an admirable effort for the era, these days, J2e’s script just isn’t up to par.

Enter Project II: a total revitalization of the script of Final Fantasy II for Super NES! Using Pinkpuff’s FF4kster, the game’s text has been entirely rewritten from the ground up. But it wasn’t enough to give people the same Final Fantasy II they’d played and replayed—this time, dummy content has been restored, bugs have been fixed, game-play enhancements have been made, and Sirens can at last be bought!


  • An entirely rewritten script, taking elements from various translations of Final Fantasy IV!
  • Restored missing content! Use Pray, Salve, and Recall, find SomaDrops and Firebombs in chests, and cast Shell!
  • An all-new title screen by Paladin!
  • Every spell has an in-battle use thanks to Dragonsbrethren and Deathlike2!
  • Reverted censored map graphics!
  • Various bugs fixes!
  • Sirens can be bought from an end-game shop!
  • …And many more modifications! See the readme for detailed information.

Enjoy a brand-new dialogue experience as you begin the Project, and enter the crusade for the crystals the way you should have in 1991!