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Chrono Trigger - Envy Hack

05 March 2013 9:35AM EST - Update by topcat

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Chrono Trigger is one of the most beloved RPG’s of the SNES era, and arguably of all time. It is the story of 3 teenagers that, while venturing through different eras in time, discover that the future lie in ruins due to an attack from a monstrous, evil beast named Lavos. They set out to save their world and future by defeating this monster. Along the way they travel to many time periods and make friends that will help them in their quest.

This project began in November of 2012 and was just a way to test what could be done w/ the editors that were available. It was set to be an update to the author’s preferences. As the game is viewed as “kid friendly” being that any reference to alcohol is changed to soda or lemonade in the pubs. This project was designed to correct that and make the reality of the game more consistent with real life. Due to learning of what bugs these programs can cause only as they come up during testing, this release is the fifth go through of the project, ie version 1.5 In the end most of the dialogue available in the game and in the endings had been changed one way or another. With a few ideas and desires for “better” weapons and armor, all of the deleted equipment has been made available in the game. As this was not done w/ temporal flux, the only way to put them into the game is via enemy drops/steals, so no treasure chests have been added or changed. Some of the already existing equipment in the game has been changed as well, either by name, parameters, or both. Also, enemies have slightly increased hp while giving less exp & tech points. Enough to make gameplay a little more challenging, but not enough to be considered a “hardtype.”

This hack contains spoof elements naturally as the author is a vulgar comedian. There are cuss words, adult situations, sexual references, and humor that may be offensive to some. It is not overdone, and the dialogue should not come across as “forced” to fit a joke in. Player discretion is advised.