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Hardware Info and Development
Cearn Space[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Cearn Space contains detailed tutorials about GBA programming in C, covering all video modes, transformable sprites and backgrounds, timers, interrupts, BiIOS calls and more. This site also provides the source codes from the tutorials and a couple of useful programs for ROM hackers.


Here’s a good source for learning some in depth information about the GBA and GBA asm. Aspiring GBA hackers should visit this site to learn about the hardware they’re working with or learn GBA programming. Hardware knowledge ALWAYS helps makes a better hacks. So, whether you’re hacking or doing some homebrew, you should visit this site.

MSX Assembly Page[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Useful for old and new MSX hackers. Has info about different programming languages, processors, instruction sets, and much more.


This is probably the definitive NES development site. It has an exhaustive amount of information including documents, tools, programming tutorials, links, and more. If you have any interest in NES homebrew or emulation and you need information, this is probably the best place to find it.

Planet Virtualboy[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This site is basically the internet hub for Virtual Boy hacking and development.

The main goal of the site is to aggregate all known information on the Virtual Boy on one page and help in the development of new games for this nostalgic platform.

It is host to an extensive amount of Virtual Boy promotion material, unreleased contents and much, much more. It even features a market place for everything Virtual Boy.

Programming Introduction to MIPS Assembly Language[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This is a great tutorial site for learning MIPS assembly. It even links to a freeware MIPS assembler where you can actually get some hands on experience as well. This is specifically for the R2000 chip, however it’s VERY similar to the R3000 used in the Playstation. This is a great starting point for learning PSX assembly language.


PS2-HOME is a website which has a discussion forum in regards to PS2 Hardware and also with game modification as well.


Here you will find PlayStation 1 tools, information, manuals, help, guides and also meet programmers and former Yaroze members, as well as new users interested in PlayStation 1 development.

Sega Saturn Documentation[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This is probably the single largest source of Sega Saturn information I’ve ever seen in one place. Information contained here includes SDK’s, utilities, hardware manuals, technical bulletins, and tons more. If you’re interested in Saturn information, head on over there.


This is very nice development site for the Sega Master System / Game Gear and other 8-bit Sega Systems. You’ll find plenty of documents, a wiki, and a forum devoted to 8-bit Sega development.

SNES Development Wiki[EDIT] [REMOVE]

A culmination of SNES hardware information and SNES programming from around the web. User update-able so information won’t stagnate like TXT files and as new relevant information is discovered it can be added and updated.

SpritesMind.Net[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Sega homebrew Sega Megadrive/Genesis development message board by Kaneda.

Translation Related Sites
LinkEditDescription[EDIT] [REMOVE]

A site for looking up unknown kanji. Methods of search include drawing an approximation with the mouse and the site giving you a list of possible kanji that updates with each line you draw, searching by the various parts that make up the kanji, and searching by dividing the kanji into four squares and selecting what either one or multiple squares generally resemble. (Note, please remove before posting: I’m an low level translator, and this site has been a really useful part of my translator’s toolkit for a number of years. From the posts on the translation forums here, it seemed like something people might find useful.)

Romaji to Hiragana and Katakana[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This site converts romanized Japanese kana into Hiragana and Katakana scripts and vice versa. This site is convenient for those who can read and transcribe Japanese kanas.

The Dorando[EDIT] [REMOVE]

A very intersting site. It seems to be a large no thrills database of links and information on Games, Translations, and Emulators. It includes translations of many languages. The database seems constantly updated, and all the links seem up to date. It’s certainly worth a visit.

Translation Scene History Wiki[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Here it is. The lucrative history of the translation scene. For over 10 years, the translation scene has been busy giving you translations and the opportunity to play games you never would have otherwise. Pay it some respect by dropping by the scene history wiki. If you happen to be a member of the community, why not add to it? It can only get better and it is open to submission from anyone! Remember, it doesn’t have to contain simply patch releases. Add those fond memories you have of whatever translation war you were involved in or who stole your project, everybody wants to hear!

ROM Hacking Sites
Aeon Genesis[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Hacking and translating Japanese videogames since 2000! The site is maintained by the over all project leader, Gideon Zhi.

Ancient Land of Ys[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Mainly an all Falcom gaming forum. The site members also deal with fan-translations of various Falcom titles.


The original Acmlm Board split into two factions. This is one of them. It also home to archives of previous incarnations holding a beach of buried ROM hacking information in the old archives.

Now called Board2 due to ACMLM’s disassociation from this site.

Oldest - Older - Old -

Carpe Ludum[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This is the result of the merging between Eidolon’s Inn and Kega Fusion website. It is a site devoted to all things SEGA. For these consoles, this site offers a wealth of information, both for those interested in the history of the consoles and for those who want to develop software for them.

You can access the Eidolon’s Inn website here:

Apparently, much of the content from Eidolon’s Inn still wasn’t moved to the new website, though. The owner is looking for help with that.

Data Crystal[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This site is a wiki for compiling information discovered about ROMs. Such information includes, RAM/ROM maps, mapper information, and various other bits of information on specific ROMs. There’s not a whole lot of information there yet, but the site is still very new. It’s worth taking a look.

Dynamic Designs[EDIT] [REMOVE]

A veteran romhacking and translation group since 1999! This tightly knit group boasts a boat load of games translated from Japanese to English for the world to enjoy.

EnHacklopedia[EDIT] [REMOVE]

An extremely comprehensive website contain a wide range of information which will be very helpful for ROM hackers. Contains the basics of ROM hacking, assembly hacking on different consoles, RAM hacking, various tools for various hacking methods, and more.

FF6 Hacking[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Forum that focus on Final Fantasy VI hacking. You’ll find there many FF6 resources and dedicated ROM hackers that can help visitors making their first ROM hacking steps or producing an extensive hack. This place is also host of a recent but growing FF6 Wiki.[EDIT] [REMOVE] is generally known for cheats, but it does have several ROM hacking related resources. One of the largest collections of video game hacking guides on the net, a treasure trove of a downloads section and Wiki, and the home of Project Artemis; an in development PS2 remote debugger.

Goldeneye Vault[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Goldeneye Vault is the home of the Goldeneye Setup Editor and, as the name implies, serves as an archive of nearly every Goldeneye hack released to date. In addition to the hack archive, the site has tutorials for using the Setup Editor, premade action blocks that can be imported into any new mission, and even a pack of preconverted Perfect Dark maps ready for use in Goldeneye.


Another community that was formed off of the split between the ACMLM forums years ago. ACMLM, himself, is active only to this incarnation of the forums. The ROM hacking is still alive here as well as people from original AB incarnations.

Kafuka - General ROM Hacking and Emulation[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Discuss the current ROM hacking topics or give us a link to your latest release! Current topics are: SMB3, SMW, Metroid, … and more!

Metroid Construction[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Metroid Construction’s main goal is to spread information and resources. Most of the stuff here is for Super Metroid, but Metroid games for other systems and fangame projects are also accepted. This site was launched on 2/19/2009 by GF_Kennon as a college project, which happened to catch on and is now over five years old.

Before it existed, a fair amount of Metroid hackers posted on’s “Hacks and fan games” board (also referred to as “m2k2″). Many of them migrated here after the administrators of m2k2 encouraged it, going so far as to pin a topic in their hacks board that ushers people this way.

Prince of Persia Community Forum[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Here is a link for those who do level modifications and hacks strictly for Prince of Persia for SNES as well as the DOS version.

RHDN Forum Archive[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This is an archive of the posts deleted from the great RHDN forum prunes of 2008 and 2009.

Russian ROMhacking[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This page is dedicated to the Russian community and activists in the romhacking scene & amateur translation of console games. Here we exchange news about creative success & accomplishments placing the results of the following work: translations, mod hacks, utilities, documentation, reviews, etc.. Moreover, this resource will be useful for simple gamers who are just learning about the release of new translations and versions of the good old console games.

sm64romhacks[EDIT] [REMOVE]

A website conatining a more or less complete list of downloadable patches for every romhack of Super Mario 64 ever published.


SMW Central is a site dedicated to Super Mario World hacking. It’s goal is to help the SMW hacking community by organizing information about the game’s inner workings, as well as providing tools, free graphics, and hosting both demos and completed hacks. Plenty of SMW specific information can be found here.

Starmen.Net[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Here is a site which not only discusses MOTHER related games but also where tools & hacks of such material are shared.

Streets of Rage Online[EDIT] [REMOVE]

The #1 SOR resource site and fan community since 2001.

Wikipedia ROM Hacking Entry[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This is the Wikipedia entry on ROM Hacking. It has a bit of general information about the trade as well as a few good links. However, the purpose of linking to this page is not for the content that’s currently there, but the hope that more people will know about it and some of you in the community will help make it better!

XentaxWiki - Game Format Central[EDIT] [REMOVE]

A huge resource site for various file formats used in games. Covers mostly PC games, but also includes XBox, PS2, and others.[EDIT] [REMOVE]

A site dedicated in ROM hacking Zelda 3.

Language Related Links
LinkEditDescription[EDIT] [REMOVE]

The Chinese Dictionary of choice by our community Chinese translators.

English - Japanese, Japanese - English Dictionary[EDIT] [REMOVE]

A translation dictionary of choice by fellow translators in our community. It’s usefulness is immeasurable!

Japanese Dictionary for Obscure Terms[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This site is pretty useful for some out-of-date or obscure Japanese terms, but the most useful definitions are in Japanese only which may be a problem for some.

Japanese[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Here’s another japanese learning site. One thing that sets this site out from others is it’s additional focus on spoken Japanese. It offers audio samples so you know how to pronounce each word and sound correctly. It does however require you to register for some of the more advanced stuff, but there should be enough free content to really help you on your way. Japanese Dictionary[EDIT] [REMOVE]

English - Japanese, Japanese - English Online Dictionary

A very powerful and handy tool for people interested in translating Japanese games.

It has a neat kanji character drawing feature.

Learn Japanese[EDIT] [REMOVE]

So, you want to learn Japanese? This is a neat little site that will give you the basics. After you’re done here, you will be able to read basic words. This site could be very useful for a ROMhacker involved in a translation. Don’t worry about that translator that disappears. Translate that menu yourself!

Learning Chinese Characters[EDIT] [REMOVE]

A beginner site to learning Chinese. Navigation isn’t the greatest, but the site has a lot of good starting content for anyone interested in learning Chinese.

On-line Chinese Tools[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Here is another beginner site for learning Chinese. In addition to having language information, the site also contains information on the Chinese culture.

Read The Kanji[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Read The Kanji is a simple, fun, intuitive quiz designed to supplement your study of Japanese kanji reading through real life examples and sentences.

It offers a nice Web 2.0 interface that uses AJAX for fast page reloads as well as a user account system to keep track of your current stats.

You can study Kana as well as JLPT grades and mix them as you’d like. It will automatically compute which word it should ask you and asks older, known words once a while for good measure.

The JLPT Study Page[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This one is geared toward people who want to study for the Japanese proficiency exams. It has excellent information for all levels of study, and an great forum.

The Monash Nihongo ftp Archive[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Monash University’s Japanese site with most of the useful links and dowloads regarding EDICT and various freeware/shareware word processors and utilities.[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This is a site with more than just language lessons–it also sports culture and wiki sections, a forum, and some pretty informative articles. A good place to check out if you want more than just vocabulary or kanji.


This site is a very large archive for just about any Atari console system ever made. They also have a very large community that also spends a lot of time developing on Atari consoles.[EDIT] [REMOVE]

“Famicom programming to understand even Giko cat” is a study site of the 8-bit assembler program that works with the emulator of the Nintendo family computer (NES).

The site is in Japanese and was last updated 2004/9/26.

Introduction to Debugging[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Any good programmer knows that debugging is just another piece of the puzzle when it comes to writing reliable code. Anyone who has done any kind of low-level assembly work can tell you just how invaluable proper debugging skills are and why it’s important to learn them as soon as possible. This article, while focusing primarily on high-level programming, the concepts presented are an integral part of any type of programming and a must have for the aspiring asm whiz-kid! This is a very THOROUGH document and is both for new and old programmers alike!

NintendoAge[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Comprehensive NES resource site made by collectors. Contains scans and information for games of various systems.

The Cutting Room Floor[EDIT] [REMOVE]

A port of BMF’s original cutting room floor page to wiki format, along with tons of new hidden content in ROMs. Debug and beta information is all documented at this wiki.

Tototek[EDIT] [REMOVE]

Tototek is a good place to get affordable copiers and flashcarts for older consoles.

Sprite Art
So You Want To Be A Pixel Artist?[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This is a real nice beginner tutorial on Pixel Art. It covers quite a few things and will help you through all the necessary steps of building your own basic tiles by the end. It also analyzes some existing popular tiles and what makes them look so good.

Sprite Tutorial on RPGMaker Discussion Board[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This is a pretty unique tutorial that goes over some fine details. This one is on a message board, so who knows how long it will remain. Go read it while you can.


This is a dedicated site for anything related to Mega Man (and a minor of Castlevania).

It tackles more on archiving sprite sheets and making custom sprites. Not only that, they also involve in game development.

The Spriters Resource[EDIT] [REMOVE]

An abundance of ripped sprites from many games on many platforms can be found here. In addition, the site has several good tutorials on creating your own sprite art in addition to pointing out how to inflict certain styling into your creations to match other game’s sprites. Great resource site for someone looking to make a nice ROM hack on a classic 2D system.

Wikipedia entry on Pixel Art[EDIT] [REMOVE]

This will give you many links to good Pixel Art resources. You should be able to find all the information you’re looking for here.