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Astro Smash 'n' Blast!



(Originally released 10/23/2022)

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Your base of operations is the last line of defense against an imminent disaster. Big rocks and lil rocks are pounding the earth. Making matters worse, extra terrestrials or some rogue government are sending over spinner missiles and pulsar bombs designed to end your day and make sure you and yours can never phone home again.

5 hits and maybe 3 minutes… That’s all you have to prevent the onslaught in this score attack. Well… that an a base armed to the teeth with missiles (B button), hyperspace / teleport capability, (A button) and auto fire (SELECT button).

A homage to the original concepts from Intellivision classic Astrosmash and its Atari successor Astroblast, this game was coded in 6502 Assembly and compiled using Notepad and CA65, with CHR data (including background nametables) developed via MS Paint, TileMolester, and NES Lightbox. No code was ported from either the Atari or the Intellivision games; this fully written by hand for the NES.

How many points will you rack up before it’s “game over, man; game over”? How high can you make your peak score???

Version 1.1 Update (Released 11/6/2022):

  • Animated death sequence
  • Game over screen code removed from NMI. Immediate game over at 0:00
  • Red screen coded to occur in last 30 seconds of game
  • Adjustments to +30 second icon opportunities
  • Screen changes to indicate level increases
  • Increased pulsar and spinner frequencies as levels progress
  • Fixed certain vblank artifacting

Version 1.2 Update (Released 11/11/2022):

  • Max score set to 99,995. Can you reach it???
  • Big spinners added
  • Fixes to 5K bonus scoring
  • SFX fixes (silences)

Version 1.3 Update (Released 11/12/2022):

  • Cheat codes sequence revised
  • SFX fixes (silences)



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