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A Wordle clone for the Nintendo Game Boy / Color and Analogue Pocket!

This is a re-written and greatly expanded fork (by me) of the original version by stacksmashing.

Playable online at:

Available as a physical cartridge at Ferrante Crafts Etsy Store

It adds a full dictionary (versus the bloom filter), thousands more solution words, multiple dictionary languages, Game Boy Color support, and many other features.


  • Game stats: Won, Lost, Streak & Win Percentage
  • Hard mode
  • Auto-fill letters of previous exact matches
  • Skip Auto-filled letters for faster letter entry
  • Full official English answer word list and dictionary (~12,900 words)
  • Super Game Boy Border
  • All in a 32K ROM
  • Multiple language dictionaries (different ROM for each)
  • Deutsch (DE), English (EN), Español (ES), Français (FR), Italiano (IT), Nederlands (NL), Latin (LA), Português Brasileiro (PT-BR), Cornish (KW), català (CA)
  • No words with special chars, just English A-Z letters
  • Translated UI text for Deutsch (DE), English (EN), Español (ES), Nederlands (NL), Português Brasileiro (PT-BR), Cornish (KW), català (CA)

See the github page (via source link) for Credits, Contributors and Thanks



User Review Information

User Reviews
A Great Homebrew with Nice QOL Featuresbrownjacket30 Jun 20221.0Yes
A great homebrew adaptationKirizame30 Jun 20221.0Yes
An excellent Wordle cloneCeroAbsoluto30 Jun 20221.01Yes