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    A certain user pointed out that the graphics are garbled when applying a patch using by online patcher. I confirmed the same issue a while ago. I never used the online patcher before, so I didn't notice that. I was able to play without any problems with the file download method. I don't know the cause of the issue, but I decided to upload the IPS file again.
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    Small dialogue change
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    Resubmission of prior changes
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    I remove some sentences to let it describe the hack is all about and not pander to woke western political statements

DooM Raycaster Engine (V1.1) (GBA)



This is just a simple raycaster created just for fun, based on the excellent tutorial at:

Ray-Casting Tutorial For Game Development And Other Purposes by F. Permadi

The initial version managed about 1 frame per second - with a few optimisations, including a little asm, it’s now up to about 15-20fps in VisualBoyAdvance. It runs fine on real hardware too, but a little more slowly.

Writing a Raycaster Engine (DOOM) for Game Boy Advance using C Programming Language (DevKitPro Dev. Kit)

Writing a POKEMON Raycaster Engine for Game Boy Advance using C Programming Language (DevKitPro Dev. Kit)



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