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TitleAuthorCategoryPlatformSourceDescriptionFeaturesVerDate Descending
Space Mutantstimbone666Full GamesNESYes10/24/23 - Updated Version of game! New Levels, New Bosses, New Enemies, New Game Functionality! I h…. O1.0b25 Oct 2023
magical dungeon 3dcelestina softwareTech DemosNESYesThis is a 3D Labyrinth simulator game. It include save function and a map editor. Source code is inc…. G, C1.030 Apr 2023
I Love U ReplikaS. K. DumbbusHardware Tests2600YesHere is a Modified Atari 2600 “Hello World (batariBasic)” Example that shows some love to …. G, O1.028 Oct 2022
Astro Smash 'n' Blast!eskayelleFull GamesNESNo(Originally released 10/23/2022) The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Your base of …. G, S, C1.323 Oct 2022
Deth Complex 2timbone666Full GamesNESYesThe Maniac summons Mr. McDanielson once more to his Deth Complex! This time the Maniac has taken McD…. O1.014 Oct 2022
Saint Seiya - The Phoenix Returns / Knights of the ZodiacZeichi's GamePlay ShortFull GamesGBYesThe knights always appear when evil tries to harm the world, the zodiac knights come to the “Ga…. G, S, C1.0.9e04 Oct 2022
Pong de las Tortugas Ninja TrilogyeskayelleFull GamesNESNoForget the Cowabunga Collection; we’ve got the Booyakasha Bargain Bin right here! Taking t…. G, S, C1.310 Sep 2022
NESOSInkbox SoftwareFull GamesNESYesNESOS is an operating system designed for the Nintendo Entertainment and Family Computer Systems. Th…. G, C1.008 Sep 2022
Speedrun TowerHugues JohnsonFull GamesGENYesSpeedrun Tower is set in a building with a confusing elevator system. The connections between floors…. G, S, C1.026 Jun 2022
GB-WordylbbbbbrFull GamesGBYesA Wordle clone for the Nintendo Game Boy / Color and Analogue Pocket! This is a re-written and gr…. G, S1.001 Jun 2022
The Arm Wrestling ClassicFista ProductionsFull GamesNESNoDo you have what it takes to hang with the biggest, the baddest, and the meanest? Just how good are …. G, S, C1.019 May 2022
Game Boy Color PickerxenophileHardware TestsGBYesGame Boy Color Picker is meant to help with colorizing Game Boy games, or developing homebrew. It…. G, C, O2022-05-1515 May 2022
Santa Claus journeycelestina softwareFull GamesGBNoYou are Santa Claus. Deliver all gifts to all people around the world. Precision and quick response …. G, C1.024 Apr 2022
Christmas Light Simulatorcelestina softwareTech DemosGBNoThis is a simulator of the common flashing unit found on many Christmas light sets. For use on Gameb…. G, C1.024 Apr 2022
Shock LobsterDave VanEeFull GamesGBYesShock Lobster combines tightly timed obstacle avoidance with a complex set of skills which must be w…. G, S, C1.325 Mar 2022
Magic Screen (Etch-A-Sketch) (SGB)Hammer☆Keyboard☆StudiosFull GamesGBYesMagic Screen (Etch-A-Sketch) (GB) is a homebr…. G, C1.124 Mar 2022
Drow TacticsJonnyManjiroFull GamesNESNoDrow Tactics is a strategy RPG in which you must create a party of 3 heroes and battle through 10 ma…. G, S1.008 Mar 2022
PROTO DERE .NESAppSir GamesFull GamesNESNoWe sincerely apologize as we will be removing our game PROTO DERE .NES from the RHDN site. We will s…. G, S, C1.0a06 Mar 2022
Music Mod GameBoy Test (GB)Hammer☆Keyboard☆StudiosHardware TestsGBYesMusic Mod GameBoy Test (GB) is a basic hombre…. S, C1.006 Mar 2022
Keyboard Support CheckRichard CalviHardware TestsNESYesA test for support of the Family BASIC Keyboard. It highlights all keys that are pressed down. A0.1.102 Mar 2022
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