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What does it all mean?

gives you a lot of info. The most important things to look at are the hashes and database matches. Skip ahead if you want to learn more about this "hashing" business.

What's all this "hashing" business, now?

The filename doesn't tell you everything you need to know. You can run into bad dumps, overdumps, corrupt files, mislabeled files, and more.

Hashing is like a form of fingerprinting for data. Checking the hash of a file helps you determe whether you have exactly what you're looking for. provides a hash for both the whole file and the raw ROM image contained inside the file, plus some additional data, to help you figure out whether you have the right thing in the right format.


Hasher-js includes third-party components js-sha1 and js-md5. See license.txt.

Hashing ROM

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