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Yuan Shao's Revenge 3.0

Hack of Destiny of an Emperor


Comprehensive ROM Guide:

Additional Assistance Provided by:

  • Boneduke for map design
  • Cao Zhang as the lead tester
  • Ludmeister for additional ROM enhancements like agility based attacks, item drops, etc…
  • Sonic Penguin for portraits and sprites
  • Phaxuji, Boneduke, Ludmeister, and Lordyuanshu for beta play testing.
  • Drakkhen1037, ZyloWolfBane, Nicholas Newby, ♠ RageWynd ♠, and others for post release bug catching.

This ROM uses a rare mapper to make it 1MB in size. For that reason only certain emulators will work.

Tested and Working Emulators:

FCEUX — - must be at least version 2.2.3 but 2.4.0 is recommended. Nostalgia NES (Android) NES.emu

Also have mainly tested with save slot 1. Do not recommend using save slot 2. If you need more save slots use save states in your emulator.


DOAE Mods Facebook Page: LordYuanShu Forums: DOAE Mods Discord:

The setting takes place between the Yellow Turban rebellion and the timeframe of the Cao Cao vs Yuan Shao war (200 AD). Battles somewhat re-created:

Enhancements included are:

  • Iron Ore / Treasure Chest Bug Fix
  • Many new character portraits
  • Many new character sprites
  • 8 tactics
  • Agility on status page
  • Critical hit formula changes (subtle increase in number of critical hits)
  • Agility Based Multi-attacks
  • Modified soldier bars to support more troops
  • 25 soldier gain level up patterns
  • Modified TP gains at level-up
  • Change food usage (subtle decrease in amount of food used)
  • DoaE2 like damage
  • New Chapters
  • “Life” and “Raise” tactics
  • Tactic slots and order changed to support 8 tactics, life, and raise
  • Smoke pot lasts twice as long
  • DOAE Artificial Intelligence Enhancements
  • “Duel” Tactic (replaces Shui Jian)
  • “Charge” Tactic (replaces Cheng Nei)
  • “Protect” Tactic (combines Wuo Jian, Shui Jian, and Cheng Nei)
  • Enhanced “An Sha” tactic
  • Level/soldier based damage for tactics
  • Guard tactic only defends against physical attack
  • “Defend” halves physical and tactic damage and gains TP
  • There is no tactician, each officer uses their own tactics
  • New officer profiles
  • New tactics
  • Tactic status displayed on screen
  • Map Edits by Boneduke

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Destiny of an Emperor (U) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: C0F73D85
  • MD5: F2DD8CE3A76AA35832575A08A9CE9CB6
  • SHA-1: 1D0C4EB62E959AB172CCA34CAFDF88796FCF4C5B
  • SHA-256: C341BFB5779691BFBCCA25741245DECDAB23649BA4BFF8314750EC9EBC01937D



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image



ContributorType of contributionListed credit
BonedukeGraphicsMap Edits

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Northern RevengeOld_gamer15 Jan 20212.0Yes