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Final Fantasy Tactics - War of the Lions Tweak

Hack of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions


This is a quality-of-life improvement mod for Final Fantasy Tactics - The War of the Lions designed to make the game more fun and less annoying. It is by no means meant to provide a new experience - it’s intended instead to be a *better* experience than vanilla FFT, and to *replace* vanilla FFT in your games collection. Play this mod if you intend to replay FFT or experience FFT for the first time. You will be playing an improved version of the same game we all know and love.

Major features include:

  • The PSP slowdowns during spellcasting are fixed! (thanks to Archaemic, Eternal248, and Nexus!)
  • “Guest” characters are controllable in battle!
  • JP Boost is active at all times!
  • Zodiark and Ultima can be purchased!
  • Treasure Hunter always finds the rare item!
  • OPTIONAL FEATURE: Enemies in random battles no longer scale to your level!

…and much more! Please consult the readme file for all the details!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Use only on an unmodified US version ISO file!




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User Reviews
Makes the game overall more enjoyable.TheChristoph31 Aug 20191.06Yes
Nice changesElderMateo29 Jun 2014N/AYes