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Hack of Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga


This is a cosmetic mod that changes some skill and mantra names to be more accurate to the original Japanese, clearer at conveying their mechanical effect, or just to sound nicer.

  • Typos/mistranslations (Varna, Vayaviya, Fierce Spirit, Raksas) fixed.
  • Calm Death → Eternal Rest for consistency with SMT3.
  • A few skills/terms changed to be consistent with DDS2.
  • Skills with non-indicative names given names that more clearly convey their effect (most notably, Null Sleep → Sleepwalker to avoid confusion with other “Null” skills).
  • Elemental mantras now have more consistent naming schemes.
  • Non-elemental mantras that had boring “[Adjective] Spirit/God” naming schemes have been changed to more interesting names.
  • Ailment mantras now have a clearer and more consistent Buddhist naming scheme.
  • Some race names changed (most visibly, Fiend → Mystic).
  • “Last Meal” changed to “Last Supper”, because fun fact the Japanese is literally the same term used in the Bible for the Last Supper. The localizers really dropped the ball on that one.

A full list of changes and reasoning are provided in the readme file.

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  • File/ROM SHA-1: F022CC27D2C333DB64F1F1A46B312AAFC5CE632E
  • File/ROM CRC32: E1567B57



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