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A bundle of two quality-of-life mods aimed at reducing endgame grinds. The two mods can be applied together or separately.

Drop Changes: Changes the drop rates of the Pinaka and Nandaka from 5% to 100%, guaranteeing their drop after a single battle. This makes it much easier to challenge the optional bosses.

Price Changes: Slashes the prices of high-level mantras by half or more so that it is feasible for players to obtain them prior to a new game+. (Hunt mantras were not changed since they serve a significant gatekeeping role in terms of AP acquisition rate, thus allowing earlier access risks destabilizing game balance.)

See the readme file for a detailed list of price changes.

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  • File/ROM SHA-1: 07E38497B8FBEA50FB6DA6313BFD62D4090FB693
  • File/ROM CRC32: 8AD5FBA5



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