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Lunar SSSC Classic Controls

Hack of Lunar: Silver Star Story - Complete


A patch that restores the original Japanese button layout along with a few small tweaks.


  • Swap button layout to use O for action/confirm, X for cancel
  • Quick save/fast cancel has been moved to Triangle
  • Skip intro movies and start the game with the O button
  • Advance text with either X or O

ROM / ISO Information:

  • This patch is for the redump verified iso.
  • * Disc 1 -
  • * Disc 2 -
  • As well patches are included for the Unworked Designs version:
  • * Lunar - Silver Star Story Complete (Un-Worked Designs) (Disc 1) (Track 1).bin
  • * CRC32: 2FA8F8FF
  • * Lunar - Silver Star Story Complete (Un-Worked Designs) (Disc 1) (Track 2).bin
  • * CRC32: 1700407C



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